Blipfoto, The iOS App Review

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Ever wanted to maintain a photo journal that describes your life as you live it each day? Blipfoto is an amazing app that lets you share your expedition. Blipfoto’s entries would jog your memory of the ebbs and flows you have been through. This app review tells you if the app matches up to the standards of the website.


Features that are commendable

It’s like crafting a magazine or maintaining a diary, where you can capture the most special moment of the day. Study the photographers as they share their collection for you to get inspired. Read the stories of backpackers as they trot the globe, or a couple’s journey of love. Blipfoto is all about getting your chronicle across, in colors.

The interface is steel grey, which looks modern and sophisticated.  The app allows you to take a photo or choose from your existing library. The tabs flow smoothly at the bottom of the page, opening up the entries in all categories. Even an integrated map is in place that displays the exact location of the event.


Clicking on the photo you get to see the wonderful snap, along with the date and comments by the followers. If you like the picture, you can share it on you social pages or send it through email, copy the URL, or view it exclusively on Safari.

In case you fall in love with the journals you can subscribe to them and get updates from the users as and when they upload anything new. You can even rate the entry and help it rise in the ‘Top Rated” list!


Blipfoto allows you to search filtered by Journals, Entries or People.  If you have heard some good words about an uploader, and want to check his collection out, go ahead!

The app works effortlessly with absolutely no complaints of unwanted ads, or crashes. The UI is kept pretty simple, with just as much prerequisites to produce an incredible journal that you can store forever.

I would lay emphasis on the design because that’s one of the aspects that appeals most to an iOS user. And Blipfoto is exceptionally beautiful in that matter. Unlike other apps which give you tips and vanish after the initial installation, with this app you could learn anytime you want to.

Create a photo journey of your baby as they grow from a tiny creature to a naughty child. Make a diary of your trip to an unknown land, and share it with your friends and family, back home. It is a great way to be creative and show it to the world. Don’t be shy if you aren’t a great snapper. Blipfoto is simply about capturing the moments, and creating unlimited memories!


A little inadequate

In taking images of the best quality and editing them with a gamut of tools, Blipfoto falls short. Although it has filters, they might not be as many in a usual photo editing app. Nonetheless the edited pics can be uploaded from your phone’s photo library.


The security is kind of an issue I felt. At a certain point in future a particular entry cannot be restricted if the users don’t want it to show.

To complete

It is neatly gorgeous. A techie would call Blipfoto impressive, and an amateur would call it easy. Publishing an entry through Blipfoto is very convenient. With 5.3MB of free download, do check out this reputable app. This might just give you the recognition that you were eyeing for.

Download Blipfoto for iOs

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Review Overview
  • UI9.5
  • Features7
  • Ease of Use9.5
  • Overall9
Total Score8.8

Blipfoto is like crafting a magazine or maintaining a diary, where you can capture the most special moment of the day.

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