Blipfoto App Review – Photosharing Taken to New Heights

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Blipfoto is a photo sharing social networking app that is an offshoot of an award winning website, Blipfoto. This online community has over a 3.5 million uploaded pictures and more being added each day. The purpose of the app is simple: to maintain a photo journal chronicling all your precious moments .The catch is, you can upload only a single photo on a given day. Blipfoto can be used by anyone, from an amateur photographer to a professional one or even a selfie junkie. In my opinion, all Instagram addicts would really love this app. But unlike Instagram, Blipfoto is strictly a photo sharing app, with no photo editing features like filters, crop, et al. This app review tells you if the app matches up to the standards of the website. What sets it apart is the fact that you can upload only a single picture each day. This could be anything that was a part of your daily routine. Candid pictures, food pictures, random poses, absolutely anything to define your day. Maybe your day won’t be special enough for you to post a picture on that day, but treat it like a fun photo project and come up with one. Please do note that you need not compulsorily upload a photo each day.

Screenshot of Blipfoto

Tours and quick tips make it easier to navigate through the app

To get started, you could use your Twitter or Facebook account or register with your email id. Upon successful installation you’d be given a step by step tutorial to use the app. The tutorial isn’t exactly essential, but if you want to go through it again, they provide you with an option of doing so. The photos shared have sentimental value. You’ll often find eloquent descriptions along with these photographs. So it’s not like your run of the mill social apps. Each picture holds immense value to the people who have shared it which makes all the photos shared, special. A feature that I found interesting is that your newsfeed is personalized according to your likes, comments and subscriptions. This implies that the newsfeed is not restricted to your subscriptions alone. The app has pretty much all the information you need to use it in the Help section. The navigation needs some getting used to and could have been more intuitive for such an user friendly app. Specially the option to return to home page, once you start surfing other profiles needs some scratching of heads and should have been more ‘out there’ and easy to locate.

Screenshot of Blipfoto comments

View all comments in one place

Screenshot of Blipfoto newsfeed

The newsfeed is personalized according to your likes and comments

But even till then, Blipfoto has captivated and made a regular Blipper out of me. Feature-loaded app with no advertisements, Blipfoto is a big win for those who wish to share their life stories with denizens of the internet.

Screenshot of Blipfoto icon help

Icons that you will find next to User names

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82 Flares Twitter 0 Facebook 77 Google+ 4 Pin It Share 0 StumbleUpon 1 82 Flares ×
Review Overview
  • Features8
  • Information Content8
  • Navigation7
  • Look and Feel7
Total Score7.5

Blipfoto the website has been a huge success, the app has to work to get there


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