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Conduit Mobile, the do-it-yourself app-making platform that grew as one of the biggest names for developing mobile applications, has recently re-launched itself as Como. This platform has been used to publish more than 600,000 apps, and it aims at providing much better solutions in the future.


We had brought to you our review of Conduit, which came with the motto ‘Go Mobile, Grow Mobile’!

And now, we bring you an in-depth feature analysis of Como, which presents a superior, enhanced and more interactive design than its predecessor. Here again, app making does not need any technical skills whatsoever. You could be into anything from music to event management or even into blogging. With Como App Maker, making a mobile app for your business, is just too easy!


Type in, and you find yourself looking at a well-ordered webpage that gives you all that you need. It is neatly structured into App Gallery, Features, Case Studies, Pricing, Resellers and Blog. Go through them, and Como tells you all about its trustworthy, lucrative and yet simple tools, that have been designed for the ease of the user.

Once you start creating your own app you realize how extraordinarily simple app creation can be. And that one app of yours can be created for the iOS, Fire OS, and Android markets and even made into an HTML 5 mobile website. All you need is to find a suitable name for the app, select the app type, and customize it.


We had created The App for SwapMyApp, using the Conduit App Maker for iOS, Fire OS, and Android. With Como, we see a more evolved platform. It is more focused towards providing a business-oriented application. There are different themes for styling your app. For example, when you create a food blog, the themes you get to choose from, are completely different from that of a tech blog.

The Dashboard in Como is very professional. Before you submit your app to any of the app stores, Como lets you preview and test your app on the mobile devices. Then, once you are satisfied with the look and feel of the app that you have created, it is easy to submit it to the desired app stores.


You can now manage your own customer base, from within Como. This iOS, Fire, and Android app maker gives its clients the ability to manage anything from taking orders to deliveries, coupons, giveaways, or even loyalty points. Como has a new and growing partnership with Amazon. This allows your app’s users to purchase items from your Amazon store, directly from the app.

Como provides real-time analytics of how well your app is doing. You can check your app usage, your page views, sorted by date, platform, app type, as well as by countries. There is now push notification updates and also an in-app map tracking. This means that your app is now more interactive, and keeps your users more informed.

Como also comes with a Marketing Genie. It grants you a Storefront Sticker, a Certificate of Mobile “APPtitude," and Giveaway Stickers. Edit, download or order your stickers, and make Como work as your very own promotional guide.

Not just a new name and a logo, Como now has an even greater potential to deliver a specialized app to help your business grow. With more and more users moving towards the smartphone revolution, your business does need a mobile application. And with Como, you can build, promote and manage them yourselves, systematically and very efficiently.

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116 Flares Twitter 0 Facebook 110 Google+ 5 Pin It Share 1 StumbleUpon 0 116 Flares ×

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