Hotspot Shield Elite VPN Review Round Up

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Privacy is one of the major areas of concern these days, with information becoming more and more handy, and our devices storing them becoming multiple. In this review we are going to talk about a brilliant solution to protect your privacy online, the HotSpot Shield Elite VPN. In case you are already aware of what VPN does, you no longer need to learn the nuts and bolts relating to it. However, here is an in depth review of privacy protecting application for iOS, Android, Windows as well as Macintosh.

Developed by none other than AnchorFree, Hotspot Shield VPN has been claimed to be downloaded for more than a 300 million times, and considering the popularity of this app, it’s user friendly, and clutter free approach can be well understood. Company that came into existence in 2005, soon has become one of the major VPN providers. The app is compatible with Windows powered desktops or laptops, Macintosh systems, Android as well as iOS powered devices. So here is what it does.

Hotspot Shield Elite VPN Review Round-Up

As the name suggests, Hotspot Shield lets you switch your online visibility from what it actually is, to any alternative country any time. That’s right. Now you can stream online media, access any particular website, and transfer data from one place to another without compromising on your privacy. The registration for this app is straight forward, and doesn’t require many details. You can simply log on to their official website, or click here to get started. Currently AnchorFree offers two packages for the app. The first one being a trial version for free, and the elite version we are reviewing today for a price of $29.95+ per year.


While the trial version lets you use the application without registering, however you will not be able to switch to any other country. The elite version lets you choose from a list of countries including USA, UK and Australia. Once you install the app on your smartphone or computer, simply enter your login details including your email and password you chose at the time of registering.


That’s it. Hotspot Shield Elite will automatically let you decide a country, and connect to it virtually, thus making it look like you are browsing web in a different country.


That’s not all. AnchorFree also offers support via email or forum, however in case you buy their elite subscription, you can also chat live with a technician to get your issue resolved. Some of its features include:

    • Security: That’s right. The technology behind Hotspot Shield is that it at no cost lets you compromise on your personal information, thus improving upon the security. Hotspot Shield Elite encrypts your internet connection to keep you away from prying eyes.
    • Malware Protection: Apart from encrypted internet, the app also provides Malware protection against thousands of malicious websites.
    • Unblock Websites: The app is also capable of unblocking websites which are protected by proxy servers often in schools or business organizations. Simply connect to the web via different country and get going.
    • No speed lag: Unlike other VPN service providers, you will find no speed lag while using Hotspot Shield VPN service. i.e, the app is capable of providing you with the same speed as you usually get without connecting to any external country.
    • Multi-Platform: We have successfully tried using Hotspot Shield VPN service on Android, iOS, as well as Windows powered system, and the app really works like a charm on all of them.
    • Offers 6 virtual locations: You can select from UK, USA, Germany, Australia, Canada and Japan to connect to the internet using VPN.
    • Low Cost: At a price of $29.9+ per year, the app is placed at a really good price, while offering a plethora of services altogether.

That’s not all to it. In case you face any issues using Hotspot Shield VPN, you can get help from their 24X7 active helpline services, which will be happy to spring into action as soon as you come across any technical difficulties. To conclude with, Hotspot Shield VPN is your ultimate destination to protect upon your privacy from getting breached online.

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