Learn to Enable Activation Lock and Bypass it on your iOS Device

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With the launch of iOS 7.0, Apple released a new feature named as Activation Lock. This feature was to lock the phone on the Apple ID of the user, who actually purchased it for the first time. This initiative

was taken by Apple to reduce the number of thefts related to iPhone and to make it more secure of the users. Once this Activation lock has been activated, a user cannot take control over the device, even if the device has been completely restored. Let us Understand that how can this lock be activated on any of your iOS device after which we will learn how to bypass activation lock on your device.

How to unlock Activation Lock


The process is quite simple you will just have to enable the option named ‘Find my iPhone’ and the Activation lock will be enable for your device.


You will see the Activation Lock, once the device has been restored and switched ON to be used again.

However, there is a negative side to this feature because if a user purchases an already used iOS device from a third party seller then he may never use that device. Hence, we will also help you with the ways to bypass that lock which will may help you to use that device even if you cannot get in touch with the first owner of the device.

How to Bypass the Activation Lock

Please note that all the methods mentioned below are fail-proof. Apple has been updating their iOS from time and to time and hence all these vulnerabilities has been taken care of every time. If you are using iOS 8 or later version then you are out luck as there is no way to bypass the Activation Lock.


How to Bypass the Activation Lock on iOS 7.1.2 exploiting a security glitch. This video will help you to bypass that Activate Lock screen with the help of emergency call feature.


How to Disable the Option of ‘Find My iPhone’, even if you don’t know the password of that Apple ID.


Chronic Unlocks is a company that provides the service of removing the iCloud from an iPhone which needs to bypass this Activation Lock. However, if the device is in ‘Lost state’ then they will not provide their service for that particular device. It may cost you nearly 150 USD to use their service.


This one is the best way to get rid of this problem, which involves reaching out the Apple Service Center and then showing them the required proof of buying this device from another seller. They will remove that Activation for you.

Apart from these methods, it is highly recommended that please do not use the tools or applications available over internet claiming that they can bypass the Activation lock for you. They might be Spyware or malware waiting to get installed on your systems. Do let us know if you faced any issues while going over the steps mentioned above.
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