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Imagine you are travelling to a new city and are lost and know not what to do next, where to eat, how to go back. Ixigo is a one stop travel desk for all your needs. From the moment you land in the new city, Ixigo will walk like a friend and a guide beside you, giving you directions to the nearest hotels, restaurants, places to see, and then travel out by buses, trains or even flights.

Whatever is your budget, whatever you want, Ixigo caters to all your needs. Your plans can never falter when you have this smart mobile app with you.

The best features

The app incorporates practically everything that a traveler would need to plan and set out. It has quite a simple user interface, which even a non-techie would find helpful. On the home page one can find neat rows for Hotels, Flights, Trains, Buses, and Restaurants and more. National and International, you can book hotels and flights, from and to, anywhere in the world.


You are in the hotel and you are not sure of what this new city is all about. Go to the Search Box and type in the name of the city, and Ixigo will instantly present you with all the details of the city, where to eat, things to do, places to see and even the reviews from fellow Ixigoers, so that you have a first-hand idea of the place you are in.



010ddd9c1a3b12dcc09c8d34d13f0b22cc793dafaeIt is very easy to book bus tickets through Ixigo. It shows you all the available options, seating arrangements and lets you choose the most convenient boarding point. You can filter your search results based on the Type of Bus, Price and even Bus Operators. Now that is a serious convenience I must say.

In the ‘Near Me’ section you can now find the nearest Petrol Pumps and ATMs too. All you need is to just start your car, and set out for a road trip without worrying much about the availability of food, fuel, or rest stops. You can get the directions from the most trusted Google Maps, and thus, you can never get lost, nor do you need to ask a fellow passerby for directions.

Coming to the ‘Trains’, this is perhaps the best inclusion Ixigo has. You can plan your trip, or check on the status of your existing PNR. Ixigo takes you to the Indian Railways booking site, irctc.co.in, and there you can book your seat(s) directly. The UI, as I said, is great. I am sure even a rookie can find his way through the app real easy. You can Search Trains on a given route, you can check the Seat availability, days it runs, route it covers, and the current running status of the train.

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It practically gives you all the information that you need to know, if you have to travel by Indian Railways. Now one thing that I found extra is the Seat Berth Maps, which gives an overview of how the seating arrangement is, on the Indian trains. This is great for a foreigner, who otherwise has no idea which seat would have been the most perfect for him/her. It is always better to know and book the seat, than be surprised and complain. This is one of the major standouts for Ixigo when compared to other similar apps.


The little deficiencies

One thing I found missing is that it does not have any option of self-tracking when inside the train, a feature that’s available on a comparable application. This is an interesting and helpful feature, so that you get to know exactly where you are, while you are on board.

Trains, Buses and Restaurants are extensively available but only for the Indian cities, although hotels and flight selections are there for almost every corner of the world.

The final word

Even with the little shortcomings, I found this app quite good for a single traveler, who is new to India, or is travelling from one city to another. If you have a knack for travelling, or just visiting a city with your spouse without having the slightest idea what do to when your better half is out for the meeting or conference, download Ixigo and venture out.

It is just a 10.2 MB free download on the App Store. Give it a try and you would surely not regret it!

Download Ixigo from Apple App Store

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