List of Best Android Launchers 2014

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It has been a couple of years since the Android movement took the world by storm. And let’s face it; we all have had our fill using the Android OS. It’s no wonder that most of us Android users now go ‘wooh’ when we see the Windows-based phones, since the themes are so different. Now, if a slight change of theme can get you hooked back to your own Android device then it will certainly take the boredom away from your life. Think about it. Your old device running its old Android OS, will come with a new look that’s sure to engage you once again – all because of certain Android apps. These are the Launchers.

The real beauty of any Android device lies in its ability to customize according to the wants of the user. And this is where the Launchers come into play. Launchers are responsible for the home screen, the grid of installed apps and launching the selected apps. Here are the Here is a list of Best Android Launchers for 2014 which are sure to help you do away with your boredom, and get your attention back to your Android device.

Nova Launcher

This does not give you the option to choose among several themes. Once you install and launch it, it will straightaway give your device an Android 4.2 Jelly Bean look-and-feel. It comes equipped with a Virtual Identical Aesthetic along with a few more useful features. This may appear disappointing to you if you already own a device with Android 4.2 OS, but trust me, once you launch you will feel grateful. Users can peruse the Nova Settings menu and select new themes. You get to create your own customized app grid, choose your own app drawer style and you even get to adjust the background transparency according to your own choice.

Glimpses from the Nova Launcher Android App

Glimpses from the Nova Launcher Android App

Need I persuade you more? Here’s where you can get your hands on (not literally) this free launcher:

Download Nova Launcher

Buzz Launcher

A customized Android Launcher at its best, Buzz Launcher even gives you the option of sharing your device’s home-screen with your friends without doing any harm to your device’s normal speed. The moment you launch it, you are provided with the option of selecting among the several default themes which the launcher comes equipped with. Once you select a particular theme, the necessary packets of the selected theme are downloaded from the internet and installed automatically in your device. Once I selected a theme, and implemented it, I just went ‘WOW’! The most important feature which it provides is the ability to ‘get what you like’.

Glimpses from the Buzz Launcher Android app

Glimpses from the Buzz Launcher Android app

Liked the home-screen theme of your friend’s Smartphone? Get it for yourself using Buzz homepack. Here’s where you can download it and check it out for yourself:

Download Buzz Launcher

GO Launcher Ex

One of the best free launchers out there, this has been voted the user’s top pick according to a survey conducted by Lifehacker. Once you launch it, the speed of your device will increase notably. Like other launchers, you can choose among the several themes on offer which give you a 3D experience on your device’s screen. It also comes with a default cache cleaner which is available under the Running Apps tab of the App grid. The Active Sidebar in the App Grid provides you with the basic menu options. The advertisements which pop up from time to time are an annoyance though. However if you get upgraded to the premium version you can do away with those.

The Go Launcher Ex

The Go Launcher Ex

Download Go Launcher Ex now.

Download Go Launcher Ex

Dodol Launcher

This has been identified as the fastest growing Android App Launcher in the digital market. And this hasn’t happened without reason! The themes are gorgeous. It’s intuitive, beautifully functional and it has the rare ability to impress you with its skills. Features-wise it is the richest launcher available in the digital market. If you happen to be a customization junky, this is the perfect launcher for you. With the availability of such apps in the market, it’s no wonder the Android OS has still not lost its touch among its users!

Dodol Android Launcher

Dodol Android Launcher

Download Dodol Launcher now.

Download Dodol Launcher

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