Cider : Run iOs Apps On Android Easily

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In case you are an Android user, there’s no point telling you the degree of customization an Android device can handle. Highly adaptable nature, support from Google and plethora of active developers are key reasons for the massive success of Android. Android success has come on in leaps and bounds since the launch of Ice Cream Sandwich but users still complaint about the lack of premium feel in apps as compared to iOs devices.

Considering the exclusivity, apps like Amazon Instant video and Facebook Paper are only in iOs and it’ll be unfair to expect these apps on Android in near future. Here comes Cider to the rescue. Developed at Software Systems Library in Columbia university, Cider is an operating system compatible architecture capable of executing apps on cross platform and will allow you to run iOs apps on android easily.

  • Cider will allow iOs app codes to run natively on Android Kernel (Linux).
  • Cider will also make sure that iOs apps should easily utilize domestic libraries for accessing Sensors and UI interfaces.

Cider works as an intelligent system, it somehow utilizes entire foreign code (iOs app) and creates a virtual environment that convince ioS apps as they are running on Apple’s XNU kernel instead of Android’s Linux Kernel. Though Cider has it’s own constraints and limitations. Currently the implementation of Radio and Sensors are yet not done, but developers are planning to implement it soon.

As soon as Cider will launch, it’ll certainly bring smile to millions of faces. Cider is something what we call as a true Innovation, but Apple might not be allowing such system that can create potential threat to it’s stand alone premium apps empire. Let’s hope for the best and stay tuned for more updates about Cider.

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