Enhance iOS Browsing Experience with Safari Browser Addons for iPhone

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No doubt Safari browser is one of the best and fastest things Apple introduced in their iOS for iDevices back in 2007. After so many years, the Safari experience on iPhones, iPad or iPod Touch just keeps getting better. However, the narrow wall between iOS firmware and users prevent us to perform certain functions which we’d love to, on our iDevices. For instance, downloading media and files, launch more than 9 tabs on browser, or being able to save, edit or re-store tabs right on Safari browser. Never mind. Jailbreaking brings all of these capabilities to your iPhone without hurting your pocket. Here’s a list of ultimate Safari Browser addons for iPhone.

Ultimate Safari Browser Addons For iPhone Jailbreak Tricks

NOTE: Kindly note that all of the following tweaks require a jailbroken iDevice. For jailbreaking your iDevice, you can simply follow our step by step tutorial below.


We have all wanted to download media and other files right from the Safari browser on our iPhones, iPads or even iPod Touch. Not only Safari Downloader+ makes it possible, but it also lets you import downloaded audio into default Music app on your iDevice. To download Safari Downloader+ on your iPhone:

Step 1: Fire Cydia, and search for Safari Downloader+ in the Search page.

5-29-2014 10-04-59 PM

The tweak is available for a price of $3.50 USD under BigBoss repository and totally worth the price. However, you can get the tweak free of cost by following our tutorial on how to get Cydia tweaks for free here.

Step 2: Once you have installed Safari Downloader+ on your iDevice, you can turn downloading on by navigating to Settings->Safari Downloader+ and turn the toggle to download YouTube videos and other media ON. That’s it, you will see a download button integrated to the options button within your Safari browser to download any media.

5-29-2014 10-02-24 PM


Are you a frequent web surfer and use Safari browser on your iDevice to surf the web a lot? Well, we have just the right tweak for you. BackForwardEnhancer easily stores your previously visited webpages and lets you toggle between them using back and forward buttons without taking any time. Here’s how to get it.

Step 1: Like always, tap Cydia and search for BackForwardEnhancer tweak.

5-29-2014 10-09-10 PM

The tweak is available for free under BigBoss repo. Simply tap the Install button to get it.

Step 2: The tweak has not settings page and adds itself into the iOS stream automatically. Now simply toggle between your last visited web pages using back and forward button as seen below.


3. TAB+

As the name suggests, this wonderful tweak removes the limitation of maximum 9 tabs in the Safari browser running on your iDevice. Now, you can easily launch 9 or more tabs simultaneously right on your Safari browser. Here’s how to get it.

Step 1: Launch Cydia, and search for Tab+ tweak.

5-29-2014 10-14-29 PM

The tweak is available under the BigBoss repo for free. This light tweak offers a simply though very useful functionality.

Step 2: There is not configuration page. The tweak adds itself to your Safari browser automatically and works like a charm.



Using SessionFiend on your iDevice including iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, you can easily save, remove or edit tabs on your device instantly. It is a handy tweak if you are a heavy web surfer and use Safari browser for that purpose. Here’s how to get it.

Step 1: Under the Cydia app store, search for SessionFiend tweak.

5-29-2014 10-29-50 PM

The tweak is available under the BigBoss repository under Cydia store for $1.00 USD. However, you can this tweak for free by following the same tutorial mentioned in Safari Downloader+.

Step 2: Once installed, you will see a Saved Sessions tab in the Bookmarks page. There, you will see all of your saved tabs and sessions as seen in the image below.

5-29-2014 10-33-38 PM

These were some of the best Safari addons for your iDevices, and thus, make the Safari package complete.

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