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Great products, at an excellent price. That’s what strives to deliver. When you enter a product that you want, TheFind actually looks through over 500,000 stores, and brings up the best price from the best store. They have more than 550 million products listed on their website, and on their mobile applications across android and iOS. This basically means you can shop any store for any product, at any time, and so very conveniently.


Now, that’s what the site claims to do. Let’s have a look at the actual user experience. If you want a product, but you do not want to search through all the online stores, use It will do the job for you, and make a complete end-to-end search. If you wish to make your social profile and your preferences known to it, the website (and also the mobile application) would come up with the products you would love the most. It guarantees personalized search, along with the best discounts.

It gets you the deals, and even those that are available on the local stores! It gives you all the information about the upcoming and the ongoing sales, and presents you with fabulous coupons. It targets a wide range of audience, and has a vast collection of lifestyle products.


TheFind app has a lot more features than what its website contains. For example, It has the inbuilt bar code scanner that lets you in on the best prices available in the market, and the swipe-in Catalogue, which you can customize as per your taste, along with a camera view that lets you fit the product into your space before purchasing it. The app is available across all the platforms; at Google Play, at the Amazon App Store, at the Apple App Store and both for the iPad and for the iPhone. But unfortunately, it is not yet available for a lot of countries.


The website however, even with its limited features, does give you an extensive array of coupons available with all the popular stores. Click on the one that suits your requirement the most, and enjoy an exclusive shopping experience. When you find a product you would want to buy, TheFind shows you the product along with the available discounts associated with it. It then guides you to the seller’s site, from where you can buy it.

TheFind understands the shoppers. We do always live in the fear of getting the fake products from cheaper online purchases, don’t we? So, now, if you feel that you want to get an up-close and personal look at the product before purchasing it, the mobile application guides you to your nearest store that sells the product at the best price. Now, that’s what is called a real shopping experience. You know you would get the best deal, and you also know where to find it! TheFind seamlessly links your offline and online shopping know-hows.


TheFind is great when you wish to relax at home and yet get to know the deals available in all of the marketplaces. It is great when you know exactly what you want, and want a great deal on it. Rather than surfing all over the websites, search it here and be amazed.


The webpage is still crude, and overtime will improvise for sure, to cater to the needs of its ever growing customers. In the meanwhile we do get what we want, how and when we want and the rest is taken care by the apps (if you have it, that is!).

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