Top 10 Cydia Tweaks or Jailbreak Tricks – Weekly Round Up

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This week we started with a new niche in our website for all jailbreakers. So, we thought that for everyone who missed being tuned to our website in the last week we will do a weekly roundup covering the top 10 cydia tweaks. From lock-screen animations to changing the default font on your iDevice, jailbreak offers a new world of customizations and capabilities which Apple never thought about including in their firmwares. Coming back to the best tweaks, here is a round-up of top 10 Cydia tweaks for the week. The current list has been generated based on popularity of the following tweaks, and do not specifically represent ranking in the order they appear.

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1. Hands-free Control

How to Voice Control Siri with Simple Cydia Tweak

One of those amazing tweaks designed specifically to improve Siri experience on your iPhone 4S, 5, 5S and 5C, Hands-free control lets you activate Siri using a hot-keyword you choose. Once you speak that hot-keyword, Siri will be automatically activated on your iPhone, right at your service. Here’s how to get this tweak:

2. Activator


The always famous jailbreak tweak lets you launch your favorite apps by assigning them a particular gesture. I personally use the double tap status bar gesture to launch Camera app. Follow the tutorial below to get it:

3. TetherMe


As the name suggests, this cool jailbreak tweak lets you tether a personal hotspot from your device. This tweak is a must for those iPhone users who have to pay an additional fee to use the hotspot feature on their devices. Now use it for free! Here’s how to get it:

4. Nitrous

nitrous tweak

The tweak is capable of rendering Apple’s nitrous JavaScript engine to third party applications like Google Chrome, thus giving them a blazing fast speed. Follow the tutorial below:

5. iFile


This is a much have utility for iDevices which lets you add, delete, modify or transfer files between your computer and your iDevice. By giving you root-level access to your iDevice, iFile is also capable of installing DEB packaged on your iDevice. Get it here:

6. AirBlue Sharing


The tweak lets you use default Bluetooth capabilities right on your iDevice. That’s right! Now you can transfer media and other files to and from your iDevice via Bluetooth. Here’s how to get it:

7. Springtomize 3

5-15-2014 2-29-40 PM

The tweak is capable of virtually customizing almost everything on your iPhone. From Control Center options, to changing your Slide To Unlock text, Springtomize 3 handles all, under one roof!

8. Verbatim

5-15-2014 10-31-51 PM

A new lock-screen replacement which adds cool features and notifications to your lock screen. It also notified you about your emails, missed calls and messages as well as local weather on your device lockscreen instantly.

9. BytaFont 2

how to change the font on your iPhone

One of the oldest and most popular tweak in the Cydia market place, BytaFont 2 as the name suggests, lets you replace the default iOS font on your iDevice with a much cooler font like Disney font, instantly.

10. WhatsApp Unlimited Media


The maximum 10 photos limitation infuriates a lot of people who love to share pictures via Whatsapp Messenger. This simple to use and install tweak lets you send unlimited photos via WhatsApp Messenger, making you free from a lot of hassles.

These were the most popular Cydia tweaks for this week. We are sure we will have a dozen more tweaks to add to this list by the end of next week.

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