Top 10 Free Jailbreak Tweaks For iPhone – Weekly Round Up

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We have covered a lot of jailbreak tweaks on SwapMyApp so far, and certainly the best ones available in the Cydia app and tweak store. While last week we did a round-up of top 10 jailbreak tweaks, we have a fresh approach this time, with the top 10 free jailbreak tweaks which you can’t really afford to miss. In case you are heavily into jailbreaking and at the same time can’t shred an extra penny on the most wanted jailbreak tweaks, you can go through the following amazing top 10 free jailbreak tweaks.

Weekly Roundup Of Top 10 Free Jailbreak Tweaks For iPhone

NOTE: The following tweaks require a jailbroken iDevice. Kindly note that jailbreaking can void your device’s manufacturers warranty and may make it immune to OTA updates coming from Apple. In case you wish to jailbreak your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch running on iOS 7 or above, you can follow the tutorial below.

1. MessageBox


One of those tweaks which enables Facebook chat-heads anywhere on your iPhone. That’s right. With MessageBox jailbreak tweak, you get to use Facebook chat-heads system wide. The only requirement being that you should have official Facebook app installed on your iPhone.

2. SevenShare


SevenShare is another wonderful tweak which adds iOS 6 like Facebook, Twitter and Message buttons on your device’s notification center. Simply swipe from top to bottom to launch notification center, and instantly tap on the Facebook, Twitter or Message button to start composing.

3. iAppLock

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Have you ever felt the need of locking down a particular application on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Be it a game, or even Messages/WhatsApp application to secure your privacy, iAppLock lets you lock individual applications with a passcode.

4. TypeStatus


TypeStatus is an accessory for native iMessage application on your iPhone. With TypeStatus, you can get to see ‘now typing’ notification right on your iPhone’s status bar. This way, you will always know about an incoming iMessage right from your device’s status bar.

5. DrunkMode

5-20-2014 6-12-47 PM

One of the most popular jailbreak tweaks, DrunkMode prevents you from sending messages in case you are drunk. Simply tap the DrunkMode toggle to ON once you install the tweak and it won’t let you send mis-spelled texts. Instead, it shows you a popup message saying- “Go home, you are drunk!”

6. Social Duplicator


Have you ever wanted to install multiple instances of WhatsApp, Facebook, SnapChat or any other social media application on your iPhone. Social Duplicator tweak for iPhone lets you duplicate your favorite social media application for multiple instances on single iPhone.

7. Activity Pro


Adding Facebook, Twitter or even WhatsApp sharing capabilities on your iPhone, Activity Pro is one step solution if you want to send files via WhatsApp application. Now simply select a photo from your stock Photos app, and select the destination from share via popup box.

8. Zeppelin

5-18-2014 2-47-25 AM

Easily replace your carrier logo with a set of pre-installed logos on your iPhone. Further, Zeppelin lets you download good number of icon sets directly from Cydia app store to add to its inventory.

9. SBSettings

5-24-2014 12-42-51 PM

With a home screen easy navigation shortcuts like WiFi, Bluetooth and Location in iOS 6, SBSettings of now mostly used to hide an application from your device springboard. Simply select an app you wish to hide and add it to the list of hidden applications under its preferences in the Settings app.

10. JellyLock7

5-24-2014 10-02-07 PM

JellyLock7 brings Android style unlocking to your iDevice including iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Further, you can select up to 6 applications which can be added to quick launch right at your device’s lock screen. To launch an app, drag the lock icon to that app located on the circle.

We hope you liked this weeks roundup of top 10 free jailbreak tweaks. Do stay tuned to our How To section for more amazing jailbreak tricks and tips.

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