Top 5 Free WinterBoard Themes For Your Jailbroken iPhone

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If you are a regular reader and subscriber of SwapMyApp, you would already be aware of the amazing set of jailbreak tweaks we have been covering on this blog. From simple lock screen modifications, to changing your carrier logo, our jailbreak tutorial section covers each and every aspect of jailbreaking with a step by step tutorial on guiding you in case you are new to the world of jailbreaking. Recently, we published a tutorial on how you can change themes on your iPhone or any other iDevice using WinterBoard jailbreak tweak. Now since many of our readers asked us to recommend them some nice themes for their iDevices, here we are, with a list of top 5 free WinterBoard themes only for your jailbroken iDevice.

List of Top 5 Free WinterBoard Themes

NOTE: Kindly note that the following themes require a jailbroken iDevice with WinterBoard tweak installed over it. If you haven’t installed WinterBoard, click here to follow our step by step guide to do so. Also, in case you wish to jailbreak your iDevice running on iOS 7, kindly follow our tutorial below.

LS Stripey


One of the most amazing themes every built for iDevices, LS Stripey offers a clutter free, easy to navigate and pleasing to eyes interface with vibrant colors. The theme is capable of providing you with Missed Calls, Notifications, as well as SMS alerts right on your device lock screen. Further, it replaces the native iOS element from the lock screen and give them a brand new touch. When integrated with other tweaks like LockScreen Clock Hide and SlideTo Unlock Killer, the tweak is the best change you can provide to your iDevice.



The theme, as the name suggests bring a paint-type layout to your iDevice springboard as well as other elements on the screen. A raw design gives it unmatched touch, and enhances icons for application on your device’s springboard. Developed by none other than iThemeSky, Painting is just the perfect theme for your iDevice in case you are inclined towards art and simplicity. You can integrate the tweak with PreferenceLoader to enhance its capabilities.



Designed while keeping iOS 7 interface in mind, Clarity theme offers a sophisticated, properly aligned and proportional interface for your iDevice including iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. It is surprising that such a well built theme is available for free to all iOS users who have jailbroken their iDevice under the infamous Cydia tweak store. With uni-color applications, and altogether a new icon design makes Clarity one stop destination for theme lovers. It offers over 150 glyphs to choose from, and is a packet full of excitement.


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Solstice is another new iOS 7 oriented theme for your iDevice which just makes the colors look more vibrant, and gives flattening touch to application icons on your device’s springboard. The theme has pre configured icons for over 90 most famous applications, and the update for the theme should include a lot more. One good feature of this theme is the shadow rendering over app icons.



As the name suggests, Oil7 adds oil-paint type efect on the application icons on your device’s springboard. Once you install this theme and activate it via Winterboard, your device will take a new look with oil-paint type interface. Developed by Zutx, Oil7 is one of the most popular themes we’ve ever come across, under the Cydia tweak store. The tweak is available for free under the BigBoss repository in Cydia tweak store.

The above five themes require WinterBoard tweak on your iDevice. i.e, once you install these themes from the Cydia tweak and app store, you will need to activate the theme from within the WinterBoard app installed on your iDevice. In case you want a little change off the bounds of native iOS firmware on your iDevice, these top 5 free WinterBoard themes are the best to get your hands on.

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