How to Add Sound Effects or Song to a Movie Created in iMovie

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Opening up the star cast with your signature tune, adding in drama with the sound effects, and finishing off with that very motivational musical piece. You can actually create a movie of your own, with all of these elements.

Here’s a guide on how to add music to iMovie in the movie you are creating with the App. If you are just getting started with making a movie on iMovie you can probably read our guide on how to make a iMovie on your iPhone. Following the instructions, you would soon be a champion of excellent movie making.

Simple Steps Showing How to Add Music to iMovie.

Step 1: Create a new Project, or open and existing one to edit.


Step 2: Add in the media files, as required.


Step 3: Tap on ‘Audio’ at the bottom right corner of the Media Library.


Step 4: You can see the options such as the inbuilt ‘Theme Music’, ‘Sound Effects’, and your iTunes ‘Playlists’, ‘Albums’, ‘Artists’ and ‘Songs’.

Step 5: Add the Theme Music that would play along with your video. You can preview the sounds before selecting them.



Step 6: For any of the frames, you may select the sound effects as needed.



Step 7: For playing a signature song alongside, go to ‘Songs’ and select your favorite one.


Step 8: Tap on the music piece on the timeline, and you can change the Speed, Fade it or Trim it, and can also Split or Duplicate the file, as need be.



Now that perfect motion picture is ready with all the elements that would make it a hit! You can tinker the frames bit by bit and improvise on your skill set. After all, even James Cameroon started from  scratch  before going on to make Titanic or Avatar.

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