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Smartphone operators are very used to downloading and using ‘Apps’ that suit their requirements the most. What about those of us, who need our own mobile app maker? Do we need to be a hot-shot coder? Do we need to invest money? Actually No!

AppMakr is possibly one of the best mobile app maker platforms that allows you to create your own apps, without any coding skills whatsoever. The step-by-step guide allows anyone and everyone to take a shot at creating apps for iOS and Android devices and also HTML5 mobile websites.

From the big players like Accenture, Macworld UK to the people like you and me, Appmakr allows everyone to create an app of their own, for free! For making an app using this platform, all you need is content. If you have a content, and you want to share it with an audience, you are ready to go. From bloggers to musicians, from publishers to NGOs, this smart platform would make the content live in no time at all.

Getting Started with AppMakr Mobile App Maker Platform

To Login you need to sign in with any one of your Google, Facebook, Twitter or Yahoo accounts and choose your language. After you have logged in the user friendly interface will guide you what to do next.


It has a Publisher Dashboard where you can edit your app, check the market status, promote or even delete an app that you think is not working in your favor. What the AppMakr, mobile app maker, basically does is, it converts your existing RSS feeds that it takes from your website and converts it into an iPhone or an Android device application.


If you have your own website, you can provide the URL and then you can go on and customize the app. You can choose an icon, or a header image that’ll be displayed in the iTunes App Store.


Now, the best part is, AppMakr lets you make money from your newfound app development skills. You can either choose the one in which AppMakr is the publisher, and that will have an AppMakr logo on the splash screen. Or, you can publish the app under your own name. In either of the cases, you can embed ads and monetize your content.


While you are choosing from the various options, to customize your app, you would continue getting a real time view of how or what the changes would look like. Now, this is definitely better than blind coding, where you don’t even know how the app is going to turn out. You can select a Flickr Feed, and you can also make a Google Search to find the icon and the header image for your application.


The Difficult Part

Is publishing the app. For a novice, who is absolutely blank about the how to of publishing, it could be little challenging. You need to sign a code for publishing your apps for the iPhone. You also need to sign a certificate generated by Apple. Although the AppMakr guides you through each and every process very diligently, it still takes a lot of time, and AppMakr does charge you for that.

After you have deployed your app, they instantly go live in their Native Android market, and as an HTML5 Mobile Website. Your customers and fans can start using your app on the same day.

AppMakr only works by converting an existing RSS feed content into an application that can be viewed on a smartphone or HTML5 mobile website. So if you are thinking of creating a gaming app or something else, it is not possible, yet.


Getting your app approved for the iTunes App Store is again a discretion that only Apple has. Appmakr does suggests how your app is going to fare, like it gives out a ‘Likely to be Approved’ message, and then the app might get rejected for not being of a sufficient quality.

Bottom Line

AppMakr is a useful and powerful app development platform for those whose blogs or posts are popular enough to be converted into an iPhone or an Android device application. The minute details required and the guidance provided are more than enough for a beginner to start in the world of app development.

Although it is still no match for the XCode by Apple, it is pretty decent for someone whose aim is to reach out to their fan base by creating a smartphone access. Must try if you think you are ready to take a leap of faith. For more, head over to AppMakr website.

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