How To Avoid Accidental Calls On iPhone

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Things get pretty awkward when your smartphone acts smarter than it really is, and dials up calls randomly while in your pocket, or even when you touch it accidentally. Well, it has happened with all of us, and we all have been in that place once a while. By default smartphone manufacturers don’t really add a functionality to stop this, and thanks to the jailbreak community for iOS, we now have tweak that lets you avoid accidental calls on iPhone. The tweak that goes by the name AskToCall demands a confirmation click before making calls. That’s right. No more accidental calls, and no more feeling awkward about it. So here’s how to get this amazing tweak on your iPhone instantly.

How To Avoid Accidental Calls On iPhone

NOTE: Please note that you will require a jailbroken iPhone in order to use this tweak. In case you haven’t jailbroken your device yet, you can simply follow our step by step tutorial below on how to jailbreak iPhone running on iOS 7 instantly. Also, make sure you take a complete backup of your device before proceeding just in case something goes wrong.

Step 1: Navigate to the Cydia app from your device’s springboard, and tap on the Search button to search for AskToCall tweak.

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The tweak should be available under the BigBoss repo. Simply tap the Install button on top right corner to download this tweak.

Step 2: Once installed, you won’t find any dedicated Settings page for this tweak. However, in order to try it out, simply try calling anybody from your call log on your device. It should now present you with two options. One would be to call, and other would be to cancel the call.

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This way, the tweak is always going to re-confirm to you if you want to make a call or not. The tweak is a must have utility, and definitely a +1 from our side at SwapMyApp. Let us know your experience via the comments section below.

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