How to Customize iPhone Lock Screen with Verbatim Tweak [Jailbreak]

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Have you ever wanted to customize iPhone lock screen to be able to add or remove widgets, change custom Slide To Unlock text and getting weather information right at your device lock-screen? What sounds nearly impossible for iPhone users is now achievable in easy steps with the new jailbreak tweak offered by iPhone developers. That goes without saying that this tweak is unofficial, and does not belong to Apple in any ways.

Verbatim, a brand new tweak for jailbroken iDevices including iPhones, iPads and iPod Touch lets you do the unthinkable. It lets you customize your device lock-screen with easy-to-understand interface. Released just two days back, Verbatim helps you customize iOS lock-screen with neat, clean and clutter-free lock-screen. Triggered by the famous jailbreak tweak called Cydget , you get to see important notifications like temperature, missed calls, emails and much more, right on your device lock-screen. Here’s how to get Verbatim to customize iPhone lock screen in easy steps.

Customize iPhone Lock-Screen With Verbatim Jailbreak Tweak

NOTE: Verbatim requires you to have Cydget tweak pre-installed on your iDevice. In case you haven’t installed it, simply navigate to Cydia->Search->Cydget and install the free version of this utility. To jailbreak your iDevice running on iOS 7, follow the step by step tutorial below.

Step 1: Launch Cydia, and search for Verbatim jailbreak tweak. The tweak is currently available for $1.99 USD, and under the BigBoss repository. However, you can get the tweak without spending any extra bucks within the next few days when it is cracked and uploaded, by following the tutorial below.


Step 2: Once you have successfully installed the tweak, simply head over to Settings->Verbatim to configure its settings. To add your location weather on your device lock-screen, simply add your city code in the required section. You can also select the temperature unit and text animation for display.


Further, here, you can select what elements you want to see on your device lock-screen. One amazing feature of this tweak is that it lets you hide the slide to unlock bar, by making it invisible.

Step 3: Now you will need Cydget to re-arrange elements of your device lock-screen. Cydget basically lets you add widgets to your lock-screen, and fiddle with the existing elements like time, unlock bar, date etc. You can completely customize iPhone lock screen and choose which elements you want from Verbatim to be shown and where to be shown on your iDevice lock-screen. On the Cydget settings page, tap on Lock Cydget Order so that Verbatim comes up on the top. Leave all other options unchecked.


Step 4: Your device should re-spring the moment you exit Cydget, and Verbatim lock-screen should be accessible to you once the device completes re-springing process.

Once you tweak Verbatim settings, your device lock-screen should look somewhat like the screenshot below.

5-15-2014 10-31-51 PMThe tweak is currently available to both- iPhone and iPad, thus leaving iPod Touch aside for the moment. Verbatim offers an interactive as well as informative lock-screen your device deserves, and Apple fails to provide. Thanks to the jailbreak community for this amazing tweak.

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