How to Delete a Selected Portion from a Movie using iMovie

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Cuts, Splits, and Edits are synonymous with movie making. Do you have a video clip that you want to spice up, or edit out that not-so-interesting part? With this how to delete from iMovie guide you will not only be able to delete selected portions but will also be able to foray deep into the world of editing videos.

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To make a movie stimulating, it is important to cut the monotonicity, and add up highlights that’ll grab the attention of the audience. To delete a selected portion from a movie, iMovie has many video cutting tactics. All the users need is a tap of a finger, and the selected section is gone! No heavy video cutters or any other added help required.

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How to Delete from iMovie or Edit Selected Portions

Step 1: Tap ~ez_lsquo+ez_rdquo~ to start a new movie or trailer.


Step 2: Create a New Project.


Step 3: Select a Theme and tap ‘Create Movie’.


Step 4: Add the media from the library.


Step 5: Select the video clip you want to edit, and tap the down arrow icon to bring it to the timeline.


Step 6: Hit Play to check the entire video, and see the sections you would want to delete.


Step 7: Tapping on the video, a yellow border appears. In the bar at the bottom, you can see video editing tools such as ‘Title’, ‘Speed’, ‘Split’, ‘Freeze’ and ‘Duplicate’.


Step 8: Pinch and Drag the frame to extend it. When the vertical arrow passes through the video at the precise seconds, tap on ‘Split’. Do this both for the beginning at the end of the particular section. This splits out the section that you want to remove.


Step 9: Drag the section out of the timeline, and Poof! It gets deleted.


Video editing is a skill that might sounds like something which only the pros can handle. A proficiency which can only be achieved with complex software, and complicated desktops.

Not anymore! With our guide you know how to delete from iMovie and it is as easy as ordering and eating a pie. And the outcomes are nonetheless professionally excellent.

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