How to Download Images from Instagram on your Desktop or Android Smartphone

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Instagram is a nice hub for sharing images among friends and we cannot ignore the fact that these images are the only imprints of our past. However, unlike Twitter or Facebook it does not allow to save those images on your smartphone or on your laptops, but these restrictions have never stopped us from achieving what we have always wanted to. In this post, we will help you with several methods for saving your images on your laptops

and on your Android smartphones.


How to Save Images on your Laptop

The best part about downloading them on your laptop is that then you can transfer those images to any of your devices. Just follow the steps mentioned below.

Method-1 Instagrabbr


image Visit Instagrabbr and then enter the username of the profile and then click Search.


image Once you do that, you will be directed to a new page where all the images under this profile will be available in front of you, in the form of a stack.


image Now, just click the images, which you would like to download and then scroll down to click on the button named “Save Image". Hence, this is an online tool which can help you to save you image on your desktop or your laptop.


Without using any Tool

Visit Instagram on your laptop and login using your credentials. This method is little time consuming but, if you a user has locked his deck of images for public then this method will come really handy for you.


Visiting Instagram official website and then login by entering your details. You will be able to see the feeds of the images on the webpage, you can right click on any of the image and then choose ‘Inspect Element’ option. image


Look out for this similar code which will open up in a window at the bottom of the browser. image


Right Click on that link and open it in a new window. image


Now, you will see 640×640 pixels view of that image which was available only with a thumbnail view. Right click on that image and save it on your desktop. image So, these were the two ways to save Instagram images on your desktop. Now let me help you with a smart tip on how to save those images directly on your Android Smartphone.

How to save Instagram Images on your Android Smartphone


Install an application named ‘EasyDownloader’ and follow the steps mentioned below.


Open your Instagram application and tap that highlighted three dots icon (as highlighted in the screenshot). image


Now, select the option which says ‘Copy or Share URL’. image The moment you tap that option, you will see that a files has been downloaded by EasyDownloader application and saved in a folder. You can access that folder by open this application or by the download icon available in the notification bar. If you are not getting that ‘Copy or Share URL’ option for any photograph then it means that the user has not made his profile public. In other words, only friend can see those photos and not everyone across the globe. So, these were 3 best methods to download these Instagram images of any user (private or public, both). I hope these tips must have helped you with keeping all you favorite images in a buffer. Let us know, if you face any problem while following them.

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