Download Mp3 Songs On Your iPhone With Muze Player Using AppCake+

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One of the limitations almost all of iPhone users hate about their devices is the inability to download mp3 songs on your iPhone directly. The usual route which you must follow is first connecting your iDevice with your computer using data cable or WiFi sync, and then adding media files, which takes a lot of time. While most iDevice users hate this troublesome process, there is no alternate way unless and until you install a
third party application on your iDevice including iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Though there are some good apps to help you play music on the go like Saavn , jailbreak tweaks like Muze open up a whole new world of options.

Muze, as the name suggests, is a complete music player replacement for your iDevice with additional features like inbuilt Mp3 downloader. That is not all. The developers of this amazing utility are working day and night to make import feature possible with Muze. This means you will be able to import the downloaded Mp3 songs directly to your Music application in case you are not completely satisfied with Muze, the chances of which are really low. So here’s how to get Muze on your iDevice and start downloading Mp3 songs directly.

Download Mp3 Songs On Your iPhone With Muze Player Using AppCake+

NOTE: Muze is paid application in Apple’s App store. However, this tutorial is intended to get you this amazing app for free. In case you wish to jailbreak your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch running on iOS 7 , you can follow the step by step tutorial below.

Step 1: Now since you have jailbroken your iDevice, simply launch Cydia and navigate to Manage->Sources->Edit->Add to add the following repository. The repo will be used to download AppCake+ which will let you download Muze app for free in turn.

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Step 2: Once your device completes downloading all the packages, simply tap Search button in Cydia and search for AppCake+ tweak. Tap Install to install it.

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Step 3: The AppCake+ app would be available on your device springboard now. Tap it to launch it, and search for Muze there. Simply tap the download button and the app would be downloaded and installed free of cost for you.

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Step 4: Muze will now be installed on your device’s springboard. Tap it to launch it, and navigate to Downloads button on top navigation menu and search for any song of your choice.

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You can easily select and download Mp3 songs on your iPhone through Muze player directly. In case you are a dropbox user, you can link your account with Muze app and download songs stored in your DropBox account. This is probably one of the most advanced features of Muze that sets it apart from the default Music player on your iDevice.

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