How To Make Money With Infolinks If Your AdSense Gets Rejected

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For years webmasters across the globe, or better call it world wide web have been monetizing their worklines in order to make a profit, primarily focussing on advertisements. Well, it is not wrong to expect returns from your website or blog once you start receiving decent traffic on it, only if Google wasn’t this picky on giving AdSense approvals to bloggers or web developers worldwide. BUT, what if we at SwapMyApp tell you that you can now actually make money from your website or blog with a variety of ads publishing options? That’s right, we are talking about a right-on-target AdSense alternative, that goes by the name of InfoLinks and has been in the industry for years, helping bloggers and web developers make money from their potential websites. We have personally used Infolinks, and the services they offer are top notch, with timely payments and a systematic approach.

Why Infolinks?

Google’s AdSense has been one of the most popular monetizing platform for bloggers for years, mainly because of its high CTC and quality advertisers. Well, its time to clear the myth now. Infolinks currently holds a list of equally good advertisers, and more and more number of bloggers are switching to the service as an option over AdSense. Another reason is the easy approval policy. Infolinks gives its users a good chance to get their blogs approved so that they can start earning quickly. Here’s all you need to do in case your blog got rejected by AdSense.

How To Earn Money From Your Website If AdSense Gets Rejected

Anybody with an active blog or website can benefit from Infolinks service instantly. Simply head over to their official website, and sign up as a publisher. Once you sign up, your blog will be reviewed for quality check and if all goes well, you will be granted access to place their official advertisement code on your blog. Coming to the type of ads you get to offer on your blog, Infolinks provides the following options:



The ads are displayed as per the surfers search history and general attraction trends to deliver most likeable advertisements a blog reader cannot ignore. InFold ads are a great way to reach the exact needs of your web surfers as only the relevant ads are displayed there, based on what they usually surf on the web. It specifically targets the the niche your blog readers could be more interested it.



The most popular platform is the InText medium where keywords from the blogs content are double underlined which point to related set of advertisements. When a web surfer or blog reader hovers on the double underlined text, a well dimensioned popup with the advertisement related to the keyword pops in.



You can select a customizable column displaying advertisement links and place it wherever you feel like on your blog. You can target the keyword to display ads oriented to a specific niche. This is the most profitable advertisement option. Such adsvertisements are link ad units which can be placed on post or any page of your blog. The technology used by Infolinks specifically chooses certaine keywords to be displayed.



Adds skyscraper advertisements in the extra margins of your blog or website displaying ads that are hard to miss. The more the advertisements the more are chances of web surfers engaging with them and their services, thus benefiting the advertisers as well as the publishers. This is probably the best way to utilize remaining white space on your blog, and of course, earn revenue from it.

Infolinks as compared to AdSense has a lesser payment threshold of $50 USD via PayPal, Escrow or eCheck, as compared to $100 USD takeaway from AdSense. The payments are made within 45 days of your Infolinks account reaching the threshold amount. You can now make a good fortune using this service in case you don’t wish to use AdSense or your worklines got rejected by Google. Infolinks is for sure a +1 from our side.

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