How to Setup Two Step Verification for iPhone

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With the increasing focus towards security issues, Apple introduced a feature of two Step Verification for iPhone in May 2013. However, not many users are aware of this feature. Similar to that of Google 2-Step verification method, this security feature by Apple also follows the same procedure of authentication. Let us understand that why this security is important and how can it help a user.

Two Step Verification for iPhone

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Setting up Two Step Verification for iPhone

This feature will verify the identity of the user, whenever he or she decides to alter any information affiliated to his or her Apple ID or if anything is being bought from iTunes Store or App Store on their Apple devices. In order to enable this feature, a user will have to follow the steps mentioned below



Visit, Apple ID website and tap the button named ‘Manage your Apple ID’.


You will be directed towards a sign-in page you will have to provide the required credentials in order to login your account.


Two Step Verification for iPhone

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Go to the section of ‘Password and Security’ and then enable the Two-Step Verification for iPhone feature (follow all the required step to enable this feature).


Once this feature is enabled, you will receive a 4-digit password every time you buy anything on iTunes or App Store and if you modify any information in your account. This 4-digit code will be received via SMS on your registered apple devices and on your Find my iPhone application. After entering the usual password of your Apple ID you will have to enter this code and then the proposed action by you will be completed.

You will also receive a 14-digit receiver code when this features gets enabled and it is advised to print it and keep it somewhere safe. This recovery code will

be needed in case you forget or lose your Apple ID password. As of now the two step verification for iPhone feature has been enrolled in United Sates, United Kingdom, Australia, Ireland and New Zealand and soon it will be cover more countries on its list.

We understand that it is little bit tedious to enter a code every time you, however if you feel that you have some important and confidential files over your iCloud Account, then it is strongly recommended to use the two step verification for iPhone and keep those files secure. In case you need further clarification about this feature, then please visit the Apple Support Page to get more info about it.

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