Enable Guest Account Experience On iPhone With GuestMode Tweak

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In case you are a Windows or Mac OS X user, you would already be having a slight idea about what guest account means. For those who don’t know anything about it, its basically giving limited accessibility to any person apart from you who wants to use your system, machine or even Android phone now. While OS X and Android already let users enter into a guest account on specific devices, no such option is available for Apple’s iPhone as of now officially. Developed by a computer science graduate- Ian Burns, a new tweak can be seen floating in the Cydia tweak and app store.

GuestMode, an interesting and quite a useful utility for jailbroken iPhones, lets you grant guest account access to users apart from you, when they want to use your device. For instance, you can let your kids play games on your iPhone without worrying about access to important data on your iPhone, by simply activating guest account for them. The coolest thing about this tweak is the ability to log into guest account from the very lock screen. That’s right. You can either enter your own passcode and unlock your iPhone for your own use, or simply tap on the Guest button which will be made available on the iPhone lock screen once you install this tweak.

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How this tweak works is very simple. It restricts applications on your own choice from being accessed once user taps the Guest button. For instance, you can configure GuestMode capabilities under the Settings app on your iPhone, and select particular apps to revoke their access, once in guest mode. That’s not all to it. GuestMode also lets you restrict access to side-on features of your iPhone like Siri, Notification Center and Control Center. However, there are some loopholes here and there, like user can still access partial information about your mail account or messaging app if you grant them access to the Photos app. They simply have to select the photo, and tap share to button to access mail, or even messages application on your iPhone. Once you disable some particular app for guest account, it will be shown in dull colors on your device springboard, while enables apps will be brighter.

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However, until Apple officially implements multiple users on iPhone, GuestMode is just the right tweak you would require. Here’s how to get it on your iDevice.

NOTE: GuestMode is a jailbreak tweak and requires you to have a jailbroken iPhone or iDevice. Jailbreaking can void your device’s manufacturers warranty and may disable OTA updates in it. In case you wish to jailbreak your iDevice, simply follow the tutorial below.

Enable Guest Account Experience On iPhone With GuestMode Tweak

Step 1: Launch Cydia app from your device springboard, and navigate to Manage->Sources->Edit->Add to add the following iGora repository to your iPhone.


Step 2: Launch Cydia app from your device springboard, and navigate to Search button to search for GuestMode.

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The tweak is available for about $0.99 USD under the iGora repository, however you can get its cracked version for free once it gets uploaded. To get all Cydia tweaks for free, follow the tutorial below.

Step 3: Once you have successfully installed/purchased GuestMode, navigate to Settings->GuestMode to configure its settings. Here, you can also enable and disable apps for Guest account.

GuestMode-3That’s it. Enjoy guest account experience on iPhone instantly.


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