How to export Voice Memos from iPhone without PC

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iPhone has a native app named Voice Memos for voice recordings, may be for meetings, your conversations, etc. etc. Now the thing with this app is that, it doesn’t allow you to share other than through iMessage or through email.

If I have a large file, it takes hours for me to attach it on the email, and sometimes, to add to my impatience, it even fails, after a long waiting time! I can use my computer to plug it on to iTunes, store in somewhere in my drives, and attach it through a file sharing software from there.

But what if I am out, I have just recorded an entire concert, and I want to send it out to my poor friends who couldn’t attend it? How can we attach voice memos from the iPhone without a PC? Well, here’s a nifty technique to work it around!

How to export Voice Memos from iPhone without PC

Step 1: Go to Voice Memos, tap on the share sheet to reveal the native options. (You would see just the meager Message and Mail!)

Voice Memo Attachments (9)

Step 2: Tap on Message, and send the recording to your own number. (Just so that YOU can access it for the next steps!)

Voice Memo Attachments (10)

Note: The file format would have an extension .m4a, and the file size might be too big and the sending might fail. Don’t worry!

Voice Memo Attachments (6)

Step 3: The message would stay in your page. Tap on the file. It will take you to Quick Time, and down below you can find another share sheet.

Voice Memo Attachments (2)

Step 4: Now, here you get multiple sharing options for the same voice recording. Choose from any one, and send it across.

Voice Memo Attachments (1)

Note: I chose to ‘Open in Dropbox’, because I wanted to test the complications!

Step 5: Login to your Dropbox account and the file starts attaching itself.

Voice Memo Attachments (7)

Step 6: Open this new file, and you will be disappointed to see that the file starts and ends at 00:00! (Does that mean the file is lost? Let’s solve it!)

Voice Memo Attachments (5)

Step 7: Tap of the share sheet, again! Say Open In…

Voice Memo Attachments (11)

Step 8: Like magic, you’ll find the file with its true and valid start and end time, and now, it plays perfectly well!

Voice Memo Attachments (8)

Step 9: You know how to share with Dropbox now, don’t you? Have fun recording and sharing!

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