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The good old iOS 6, despite of not having a lot of features we love in iOS 7, had one unique feature for those who are socially active on websites like Twitter and Facebook. That is, the instant compose buttons to compose a Tweet, a Facebook post, or a text message on your iPhone without having the need to follow the ordinary route of opening that particular app and then proceeding with the post. While the buttons are missing in Apple’s iOS 7 and above update for its iDevice rage, specifically iPhone, the jailbreak community has come up with an interesting tweak, to fill in the loopholes of iOS 7.

SevenShare is the new advancement in the field of jailbreaking that simply adds those instant post composition buttons back to where they used to belong in iOS 6, i.e the good old notification center. Developed by Hashbang productions, a budding iOS development firm, SevenShare offers easy to use interface, in a clutter free environment on your iOS 7+ powered device. While if you are still using iOS 6 on your iPhone, there’s hardly any use of this tweak for you. It’s particularly beneficial for iOS 7 users who miss instant-composition buttons for their favorite social networking application.

Not only does it composes a post for your favorite social networking platform, but you can also attach the most recent picture in your iPhone Camera Roll by simply tapping and holding the Facebook, Twitter or Message button available on your device notification center after you install this tweak. Another good thing about this tweak is its compatibility with quick-composition tweaks like ByteSMS. Here’s how to get SevenShare for your iPhone.

NOTE: Being a jailbreak tweak, you will require a jailbroken iPhone before proceeding. Also note that jailbreaking will stop your device from receiving Over The Air updates, and may void your device’s manufacturers warranty. Here’s how to jailbreak your iDevice running on iOS 7-iOS 7.0.6. There is no untethered jailbreak available for iOS 7.0.6 or above at the moment.

Step 1: Head over to the Cydia application, and search for SevenShare jailbreak tweak at the Search page.


SevenShare is available under the BigBoss repository in Cydia free of cost. You can download the tweak by tapping the Install button on top right corner of the screen. To remove or uninstall this tweak, tap the Modify button and then choose Uninstall .

Step 2: Once you have successfully installed SevenShare on your iPhone, tap to Settings->Notification Center and make sure SevenShare is available under the Include column.

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That’s it. Now you can start composing a Tweet, a Facebook post, or an iMessage with SevenShare buttons available right in your device Notification Center.


In case you want to disable SevenShare buttons, you can do so by adding SevenShare to the DO NOT INCLUDE section of Notification Center under the Settings app.

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