How to generate Karaoke track out of any MP3 file

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It wont be wrong to say that there are many bathroom singers out there who always wanted a nice perfect background music track to record

their own track or to perform at some family function. The best we could do was to search for karaoke track on YouTube and then play it on the stage. However, this is something which is not available for all the songs, especially if the song selected by you is infamous.


In this article, we are going to tell you about an audio tool, which can blur out the vocals from any mp3 file, thus making it a perfect karaoke trak for you. You can call this tool as audacity and the steps to generate such backgrou music track is really simple with this tool. Just follow the steps mentioned below.

How to filter background music from MP3 files

Step-1 First of all download Audacity, from its official page. Its a freeware so you wont have to pay anything unless you plan to make any kind of donation after using this tool.

Step-2 Drag and drop your MP3 files on that freeware. Now the split

the track. This basically splits the track for left and right speakers.


Step-3 Now, double click on those waveforms and then go to Effects option to choose the effect called ‘Invert’. Just click that and you track is ready.


You will not be able to see that invert option, unless you select the whole track to implement this effect.

Obviously this tool can

be used to do lots for more stuff with such music tracks, start playing with it and you will know more about it. In case you want to get your music track as it was, then invert it again. Vocals will be back. Stay tuned to know more about such tips and let us know if you have any other issue at hand. We will try to solve it for you.

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