How To Get Best Whatsapp Tricks for iPhone With Watusi Jailbreak Tweak

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WhatsApp Messenger is no doubt one of the most popular instant messaging client now owned by Facebook. What started with a mere group of members, has now over 500 million+ users worldwide, and the number keeps increasing exponentially everyday. While we have covered a lot of WhatsApp oriented tweaks here on SwapMyApp recently, imagine how cool it would be to get all the best whatsapp tricks for iPhone with one single app.

Watusi for iPhone is a jailbreak oriented tweak which adds multiple out of the box features to your Whatsapp account. Though we have tried to cover various whatsapp tricks that can be done without jailbreak like sending audio files through whatsapp, the best whatsapp tricks like sending unlimited photos, running multiple whatsapp accounts are available on a jailbroken iPhone. While all of them a practically impossible without having a third party tweak installed on iPhone, Watusi is genuinely accumulates the best whatsapp tricks for iPhone and enhances your WhatsApp experience. So here’s how to get Watusi on your iPhone instantly. If you have an iPad and can not install whatsapp then you can follow our guide on how to install whatsapp for iPad.

Best Whatsapp Tricks for iPhone in One Single App – Watusi

NOTE: Watusi is a jailbreak tweak and requires you to have a jailbroken iPhone. In case you wish to jailbreak your iPhone running on iOS 7, simply follow our step by step tutorial below.

Step 1: First of all, navigate to Cydia app on your iPhone, and tap it to launch it. Next, tap the Search button available in the bottom navigation menu and search for Watusi jailbreak tweak.

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The tweak is available under the Cydia store for about $0.99 USD. However, you can get Cydia tweaks for free here.

Step 2: Once installed, simply tap Return To Cydia button and exit Cydia. Now, navigate to Settings->Watusi to configure its settings.

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In the preferences page, you get to configure the best whatsapp tricks for iPhone as discussed below.

Stop Read Receipts on Whatsapp iPhone

The other person would not see a double tick whenever they send you a message on WhatsApp. This is a more convenient way if you wish to ignore a particular text from somebody you don’t wish to respond to. There are a lot of people spamming WhatsApp day and night, and this is probably the best way to let them know that you don’t even care.

Change Status Length on Whatsapp

Earlier, you were just allowed to update a status message having 139 characters at max. With this toggle, you can update a status message of up to 256 characters. Once you toggle the switch to ON from within Watusi preferences, you will be able to update a much longer status. Now you get just the right amount of words to express anything you wish to.

Stop Disconnects from Whatsapp iPhone

This feature disables WhatsApp from disconnecting in the background. Please note that turning this feature on may reduce battery backup. It is particularly useful feature in case you keep losing network on WhatsApp Messenger, and your phone receives messages after a slight delay. Stay connected to the network with this setting even when WhatsApp is running in the background. No push notifications required.

Change Font on Whatsapp

You can select from a variety of fonts you would like to use on WhatsApp Messenger. iOS particularly has a strict approach towards changing fonts, and thus boasts of a generation old font that has been flowing in from the earliest iOS ever built. With this tweak, you can simply select from a list of fonts and get going.

Freeze Last Seen on Whatsapp

Spoofs the other person by showing them your frozen last seen even when you are online on WhatsApp. In case you don’t want the other person to know that you are active on WhatsApp, this is just the right setting for you. The frozen last seen would be shown to your friends even when you stay online.

Fake Last Seen and Toggle from Control Center

One of the most convenient facilities is the addition of Last seen and read receipts into the Control Center. That’s right. You can simply toggle the switches directly from the control center as seen in the image below.

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Being one of the most convenient utilities, Watusi offers all in one WhatsApp hacks at convenience of your phone.

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