Get Extended Screenshot Features On iPhone With ClipShot Tweak

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With the iPhone in 2007, Cupertino based giant-Apple released the screenshot functionality for their iDevices involving iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Now, you could simply capture any part of the screen any time by using hot-key combination on your iPhone instantly. i.e, to capture a screen any time, all you had to do was press the Power and Home button simultaneously or one after another.

We are often snapping screenshots on our iDevices, primarily for publishing
in-depth tutorial for our valued readers here on SwapMyApp, and ClipShot , a screenshot management tweak has changed the way we earlier used to work. We will talk about the features of this tweak right after we our detailed guide on how to install this tweak on your iDevice.

How to Get Extended Screenshot Features on iPhone

NOTE: ClipShot is a jailbreak oriented tweak and requires a jailbroken iPhone. In order to jailbreak your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch running on iOS 7, you can follow our tutorial below. Kindly take a complete backup of your iDevice before proceeding.

Step 1: Fire up Cydia app from your device’s springboard, and navigate to Search button to search for ClipShot tweak.

Extended Screenshot Features On iPhone

Download from Cydia

The tweak is available under Cydia tweak store for free. You can simply tap the Install button to get this tweak on your iPhone.

Step 2: Once installed, exit Cydia and head over to Settings->ClipShot to configure its settings.

Under the Settings page of this tweak, you will get multiple basic screenshot management options. First of all, you will come across a Default Action panel. By default it has been set to Ask. i.e., when you try to take a screenshot on your device using Power and Home button you will be asked whether you want to save the screenshot in the camera roll or clipboard.

Extended Screenshot Features On iPhone

Clipshot Default Section

Next, you can also enable/disable the Camera flash you see when you try to take a screenshot. Along with that, you can also configure the shutter sound. Simply enable or disable it by switching the toggle between ON and OFF.

Extended Screenshot Features On iPhone

Saving screenshots on Clipshot

Another interesting option is the addition of screenshots to photo-stream. Simply enable or disable the option by using the toggle switch. Here, in case you enable it, all your screenshots will be shown to you as a photo-stream in the Photos application. In case you are like one of us, you would prefer keeping the screenshots copied to the clipboard rather than saving it in the Photos app, as you will have to delete the screenshots individually once they have served their purpose.

In short, ClipShot is all in one utility in case you are a writer, author or use screenshots in your work.

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