Enjoy Photo Editing like Photoshop with Rendarya Jailbreak Tweak

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Almost all of us desire an app with features that enable photo editing like photoshop. Though most of you must be using editors like Camera360, Lightroom or even Photoshop to enhance to give that finishing touch to our pictures, often the process involves downloading a third party application either on your iDevice including iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. It really is a tedious and time consuming process. In case you are one of those iDevice users who are heavily into photography, we have just the right jailbreak tweak to provide the photo editing like photoshop experience.

Rendarya, a jailbreak utility for iDevices, is a professional image editor and enhancer for your iPhone. The best thing about this tweak is that it integrates completely within the stock Photos application on your iOS powered iDevice. That’s right. No more hassles of downloading an external application and depending on it to edit your pictures. Simply install Renderya on your iDevice, and you are good to go. Here’s how to get Renderya on your iDevice.

Install Rendarya and Start Photo Editing Like Photoshop

NOTE: Renderya is a jailbreak tweak which requires you to have a jailbroken iDevice. If you haven’t jailbroken it, you can follow the tutorial below to jailbreak your iDevice running on iOS 7. While there are some brilliant jailbreak tricks, it has a few downsides to it too. Firstly, your device will lose it’s manufacturers warranty . Secondly, it may stop receiving OTA updates from Apple until you Restore it with iTunes all again.

Step 1: Navigate to Cydia app on your iPhone, and tap the Search button on bottom navigation menu. In the search box you will see, enter Renderya. The tweak is available under the native BigBoss repository in Cydia for about $1.99 USD. However, we at SwapMyApp thrive to bring most amazing apps and tweaks at a price of nothing to you. Here’s how to download this tweak for free.

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Step 2: Once you successfully purchase/install Rendarya on your iDevice, you can navigate to Settings->Rendarya to configure its settings. You are done with the installation part and you are ready to get started with photo editing like photoshop.

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Step 3: After your device resprings, simply launch Photos app, and open any picture saved in your Camera Roll. Tap the Edit button available in the bottom navigation menu and you will see a plethora of editing options brought to you by Rendarya, that too, integrated within the stock Photos app.

5-23-2014 10-25-44 AMWhile the tweak gives you a number of editing options to give a finishing touch to your favorite pictures, here are some of its best features.

  • Effects: More like filters you come across in Instagram application, however with much more extremities like pixelate, posterize, etc.
  • Focus: As the name suggests, Focus lets you put special emphasis on a part of your picture, and blur the background at the same time. Offering DSLR type functionality, focus and blur are a great way to add charm to your pictures.
  • Level Curve: In case you have used Photoshop in the past, you would already be aware of the level curve integrated in the famous photo editing program. Bringing a similar functionality to your stock Photos application, Curve lets you increase and decrease a number of parameters simultaneously.
  • Emoticon and Text: In case you are a fan of adding emoticons and texts to your pictures, Rendarya is the best jailbreak tweak you can get hold of. You can add emoticons, text, symbols to your pictures, and also change orientation, angle and font size.
  • Rotate and Resize: Another important functionality of a photo editing software, lets you rotate your picture by some specified degrees, and lets you resize and crop it.

One of the best photo editing tweaks available in the market, Rendarya is a must have tweak for your iDevice if you are looking for an app with the complete functionality to provide you a photo editing with photoshop feeling.

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