Get System-Wide Facebook Chat Heads On iPhone With MessageBox Tweak

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If you remember, Facebook with it’s update for iOS 7 introduced a new layout for messages. When you open Facebook app on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, you used to see chat heads, or those circles with profile picture on your Facebook app screen when you used to choose to send somebody a message. Known as chat heads, Facebook introduced an interactive and more convenient way of sending messages to your friends instantly. However, the app had a limitation that the chat heads used to appear only when you launch Facebook app. i.e, system wide functionality was absent, mainly because of certain limitations Apple imposes on app developers.

Well, not any more. Developed by famous jailbreak developer Adam Bell, MessageBox is a jailbreak tweak that provides system wide accessibility to Facebook’s chat heads. This means whenever somebody sends you a message on Facebook, you won’t have to launch Facebook app or the Facebook Messenger app to reply to them. The chat heads are made available system wide with Messagebox, thus taking the convenience offered by chat-heads altogether to a different level. Earlier released via GitHub, the tweak is now up and running in the Cydia app store. Here’s how to get MessageBox on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch instantly.

Get System-Wide Facebook Chat Heads On iPhone With MessageBox Tweak

NOTE: MessageBox comes with certain pre-requirements. The first one being that you should have a jailbroken iDevice. Secondly, you should have Facebook app pre-installed on your device for this tweak to show its wonders. For jailbreaking your iDevice, you can follow our tutorial below, however please note that jailbreaking will void your device’s manufacturers warranty and may disable it from receiving OTA updates from Apple.

Step 1: Navigate to default Cydia application on your iDevice and tap the Search button on bottom navigation menu to search for MessageBox tweak. The tweak is available under infamous BigBoss repository for free.


Step 2: Once you install MessageBox on your iDevice, you will be able to access chat heads right on your device system-wide. There is no dedicated preferences for this tweak, and things should start working once your device resprings after installing the tweak.


You can see in the screenshot provided by official developer of this tweak above. Now, you should be able to use chat-heads whenever you receive any message from your friends on Facebook, anywhere on your device screen. While this is one of the features we expect Apple to integrate within its iOS in future, MessageBox is just the perfect alternative right now.

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