How to Get System Wide Quick Reply Feature On iPhone

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In case you have been keeping up with the review round up of iOS 8 around the web, you would be already aware how Apple is trying to incorporate quick reply feature that too system wide on their iDevices running on iOS 8. Well, still, Apple will need to work a lot to get that perfect, while the jailbreak community is already out with an amazing jailbreak tweak capable of adding system wide quick reply feature on iPhone easily. The tweak that’s called Hermes is what we are talking about, and makes your life a better place all over. The tweak performs a function similar to BiteSMS or Auki, however it is different as it provides cross-platform support. This means that the tweak will be able to work perfectly fine for Messages, KIK, or WhatsApp Messenger as a matter of fact. We will come to the functionalities in the later part of this tutorial, and here is how you can get Hermes on your iPhone instantly.

How to Get System Wide Quick Reply Feature On iPhone

NOTE: Please note that Hermes requires a jailbroken iPhone in order to work. In case you haven’t jailbroken your iDevice, you can simply follow our tutorial below. Make sure you take a complete backup of your iPhone before proceeding.

Step 1: On your jailbroken iPhone, navigate to Cydia, and tap on the Search button on bottom navigation menu to search for Hermes jailbreak tweak.

The tweak is available under the BigBoss repository in the Cydia app for a price of $0.99 USD, however it is definitely worth the price.

Step 2: Tap on the Install/Purchase button on top right corner to get started with the installation process. Once done, you can tap on the Return To Cydia button to exit Cydia.

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Step 3: Now, navigate to Settings->Hermes on your iPhone to configure the settings for this tweak. Here, you can enable/disable the quick reply functionality, and also choose which of the apps you want to use the quick reply for. By default, you can choose from Messages, WhatsApp and KIK only at the moment. We are expecting more apps to be added in the near future.

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Step 4: To quick reply to a text, simply tap on Reply button next to a notification in the notification centre to launch a popup where you can type in and send replies.

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That’s it. The tweak lets you send replies within seconds, thus avoiding the usual route to launch an app to reply to any messages. Hermes definitely gets a +1 from our side.

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