How To Hide Apps On iPhone Springboard With SBSettings Tweak

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Have you ever felt the need of making an application from your iPhone springboard disappear while keeping it installed on your iPhone? At times we simply wish to hide or lock a particular app from people, like hiding the Cydia app to make it look like your device is not jailbroken, or hiding a particular game application from your phone just because your friends or kids won’t leave your phone? Well, you can actually try out the guest mode jailbreak tweak for keeping some apps locked when you sign in with a guest pass code. But what if you are actually close to the person and you do not want to face a situation where he requests full access and you can not say no.

In case you are in such a fix, we have just the right jailbreak oriented tweak for you. SBSettings, the infamous jailbreak tweak descending down from the earliest of iOS to the latest iOS 7 lets you do the needful by hiding some particular appls on your iPhone.

Here’s how to get SBSettings on your iPhone.

Install SBSettings Jailbreak Tweak and Hide Apps on iPhone with Ease

NOTE: Make sure you have a jailbroken iDevice to be able to install and use SBSettings. In case you wish to jailbreak it, you can follow our step by step tutorial below. Please note that jailbreaking can void your device’s manufacturers warranty and will disable it from receiving OTA updates from Apple.

Step 1: Launch Cydia app on your device, and tap the Search button to search for SBSettings tweak. The tweak is available for free of cost in Cydia.

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Step 2: Once you install the tweak, simply navigate to Settings->SBSettings, or launch the SBSettings app added to your device’s springboard. Then, tap the Hide Icons button and select the app you wish to hide from the list of installed apps on your iPhone.

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Step 3: To hide apps on iPhone, change the toggle to Off To Hide . Once done, you can exit SBSettings and verify that the app is now hidden from your iPhone’s springboard.

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Apart from the app hiding abilities, SBSettings bring a plethora of customizations, right to your iPhone. For instance, you can keep a close eye and record statistics about your device’s memory and running apps. That’s not all. It also adds a shortcut toggle for WiFi , Cellular Data, BlueTooth and Location on devices running on iOS lower than iOS 7.

5-24-2014 12-42-51 PMFurther, SBSettings lets you download add-on plugins and themes for the quick-launch screen which you can see in the screenshot above. While this feature has been replaced with Control Center now in iOS 7, it is one of the most popular tweaks for users who still love to use iOS 6 over iOS 7.

Thanks for being here and hope we could help you to learn how to hide apps on iPhone. Please stay tuned to our how to section to explore the latest jailbreak tricks and tips.

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