How To Implement Two Key Protection For iPhone with Jailbreak Tricks

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With the rise in security threats and attacks on major ivy league companies including eBay recently, we are sure that our privacy is at the verge of getting breached any day. Recently we came across a group of tanzanian hackers who used to compromise your iPhone by hacking into the Find my iPhone feature, and then asking for ransom money to give it back. Surprisingly, nothing has been done by Apple to stop security and privacy breaches. However, we at SwapMyApp have already covered on how to stop my spying on my iPhone and now we have come up with a way of implementing two key password for iPhone from third party access. Thanks to the jailbreak community for coming up with tweaks which we compiled together to present a way of securing your iPhone. While we currently know that the only way somebody can get access to your iPhone is by coming in contact with it and installing a spyware or malware in it.

However, this guide aims to establish a two key protection for iPhone to ensure no one can install spyware on your phone even if some third person gets access to it. Following are the two key protection measures you can implement to keep your iPhone at optimum security all the time.

Implementing Two Key Protection For iPhone Guide

Phase 1: The very first step is to apply a lock to your iPhone. While a passcode lock isn’t something we consider crack-proof, we are talking about something better, and something which cannot be iterated upon to get the correct sequence. Yes, we are talking about implementing Stride 2 tweak on your iPhone. What it does is, that it simply adds a design lock on your iDevice. You no longer need to enter silly passcode which can either be cracked by brute force or by just watching your finger moment closely when you unlock your phone. However, it is difficult to guess the secret design you drew on the canvas of Stride 2, especially if you draw it fast. Simply draw that design to unlock your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. To get Stride 2 on your iPhone, follow the tutorial below.

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Now, even if somebody gets an access to your device springboard by some miraculous trick yet to be discovered, we need to make sure your applications and settings are absolutely secure. To be able to install a spyware or malware on your iDevice, the third person will need to have access to either Cydia, App Store, or any other app capable of downloading files on your iDevice. The best way now is to add a passcode to all your applications. Your applications will only open up if and only if you enter the correct passcode you selected for it. iAppLock is the perfect tweak you can use to implement two key password for iPhone for all your applications. Here’s how to get iAppLock on your iOS.

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Phase 2: In order to increase security on your iDevice, you can use your specific Touch ID to get access to your device applications in case you are using an iPhone 5S. However, even if you are not using a device having touch interface, you can use the passcode feature to get access to the applications and their settings. Asphalelia is a wonderful tweak that offers ultimate security options on your iPhone. You just have to install this wonderful tweak and leave the rest on it. Here’s how to get Asphalelia on your iPhone.

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The final step is to add security to your iDevice is to hide the application icons from your device’s springboard, and lock the Settings application using any of the methods mentioned above. In order to hide application icons from your device springboard, you will need SBSettings tweak on your iDevice. Simply follow our tutorial below to get it.

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That’s it. Now you have enabled two key protection for your iPhone, and are protected against all threats.

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