How to Import iPhone Contacts to Gmail

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With the lives already so chaotic, maintaining and syncing contacts between different devices is an added nuisance each one of us face. Need to upgrade a device but don’t want to lose the contacts, or want to carry your office contacts on your personal email account for easy access during vacations.

Whatever might be your reasons, it is good idea to have your iPhone contacts available on your Gmail, so as to be able to keep in touch with anyone anytime!

Learn How to Set up Google Sync On Your iPhone

Here’s an easy guide to import iPhone contacts to Gmail. Follow the instructions and you will have all or any of the members on your iPhone’s contact list into your Gmail’s contact list.

Starting up With How to Import iPhone Contacts to Gmail

Step 1: Go to the Settings of your iPhone.


Step 2: Scroll down to iCloud.



ic10Step 3: Sign in with your Apple account if you haven’t already. Scroll down to Contacts and toggle it to green.


Step 4: Now open a browser and type in


Step 6: Sign in here with your Apple ID and password.

Step 7: Click on Contacts.


ic2Step 8: You can see the entire contact list come up on the page. Select the contact(s) you want to have in your Gmail list. Press Ctrl or Shift on your keyboard and multi-select the contacts.

Step 9: On the bottom left of the page you can see the settings. Click on it. You can see ‘Export vCard…’ Click on it.


Step 10: This will save a vCard File on your PC or Mac.


Step 11: Go you to browser and open Sign in with your account.

Step 12: On the top left, you can see the ‘Contacts’. Click on it. It will open all your Gmail contact list.


Step 13: Click on ‘More’, and click ‘Import’.


Step 14: Now browse the vCard File from your desktop and click Import.


Step 15: If the contacts are duplicated Find and Merge the contacts.



ic7That’s it! Now your important iPhone contacts are synced even to your Gmail account. Use them to keep in touch! Facing any issues? Do let us know your reaction through comment section. Never miss a single How-to, follow our How-to section and keep subscribed to our newsletters (We promise, we’ll never spam your inbox).

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