How to Import a Movie or Video to iMovie

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iMovie makes editing easier. With user interface that’s so easy to use and remember, this brilliant movie making app even makes a beginner want to become a hot shot director! You can capture a movie with your iPhone or your iPad, and can most definitely convert it into a professional looking film. In this how to import video to iMovie we show tricks on how you can edit the video, paste clips from other videos, add photos and totally customize your movie.

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Be it a trip for the holidays, or a birthday party, or even the great photos captured at a wedding, anything and everything that’s in the Camera Roll can be imported to the iMovie App. As for adding the songs and the music, all that is in your native music library will show up on the iMovie for editing.

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But what about the video clips that’re you have downloaded from the iTunes Store or the movies that are there on your PC? Could you use them for editing in the iMovie? Yes! Definitely.

Here’s a little trick on how to import videos to iMovie app, and then tweak them up to create your own styles.

Getting Started with How to Import Videos to iMovie

Step 1: Create a new folder on the desktop. Name it something you could remember! This is all for easy access while importing.


Step 2: Copy and paste the video clips from your PC to the folder that you have just created.

Step 3: Open iTunes on your PC.


Step 4: Connect your iDevice to the PC. Click on the device name as it appears on the iTunes page.


Step 5: Click on ‘Photos’.


Step 6: Tick on ‘Sync Photos from’, ‘All Folders’ and ‘Include Videos’.


Step 7: Browse to the folder on the desktop. Select it.


Step 8: Click ‘Sync’. Once Syncing is over click ‘Done’.


How to Import Video to iMovie that are Already in Your Camera Roll

Step 1: Click ‘Videos’ on the iTunes Store.

Step 2: Right click and hit ‘Copy’.


Step 3: Paste the video into the folder that you had created on the desktop and then follow the same procedure as above.


This process would get all the desired videos into your camera roll. Now when you open iMovie to create a new project, the media library would display the movies and the videos that you synced.


For deleting selected portions from the video you can check out our guide on How to delete videos from iMovie.

Use them to produce your own peculiar versions, or edit and cut any movie to make an interesting short film. Once you know the trick to import, movie making does become all the more fun!

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