How to improve your browsing experience on your Smartphone

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These smartphones are the smartest computing devices available to us. Luckily, it is smart enough to help us with all the important task possible in our daily lives. Out of all the intelligent activities that a smartphone can perform, browsing is something which is very essential and a basic requirement for any user.

Obviously these days we have so many applications that we rarely feel the need of using our browsers, however daily dosage of random articles are something that these browsers take care of. In this article, we are going to help you with certain tips which will improve the efficiency of your browsing on these portable computing devices.

You will get rid of those annoying popups, save cellular data and increase the browsing speed by following these three tips.

Make sure that you DNS is always

I agree that various ISP provide their own set of DNS addresses, however if you really want to increase internet browsing and want to reduce the ping time, then this tip will really come in handy. We all know that the most visited websites on our laptops and smartphones is Google and it also an undeniable fact that most of the services used to make us productive is provided by Google (Google Keep, Google Calendar etc.)


Hence setting your DNS as and alternative DNS as will make your browsing pretty fast. Infact, if you internet connection has been becoming unresponsive after a while then you can make these changes and resolve that problem.

Use Data Saver option in your Google Chrome

If you are not using Google Chrome then start using it, because Google Chrome provides all the bookmarks that you saved on your laptop directly to your smartphone.


Go to Settings and you will see the option of Data Saver, which directs all the browsing data to Google servers, which is then compressed and then sent your smartphones.

I have just turned on this option on my new smartphone, hence the data savings figure is zero.

This makes browsing significantly fast.

Get rid of Java Script

If you browse the internet only to read certain articles, then this tip will be a gem for you. For the users who only use the browser to read the articles, which they across while going through Twitter or Facebook, they can substantially increase the browsing speed by this tip.


You just need to turn off the java script in your browser. Irrespective of whatever browser you are using, you can simply turn off the Java script. Go to Settings, then Site Settings and then turn off the Java Script options.

You browser will not load the java script, which is usually used by these annoying popups to destroy your browsing experience or all the ads to appear on the website. Once you turn this off, these ads will

never load and you will always be able to read the useful content on any website.

So these were the most important tips, which could help you to improve the browsing efficiency on your smartphones or tablets. I am sure that these tips will help you a lot. Let us know in case, you want us to take care of any other problem for you.

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