How to Insert Photo into Video Using iMovie

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Have you ever seen a video where the lyrics of the songs can be seen, the audio can be heard, but no video plays along? Can you make a video that includes both the clips and the pictures? Or can you cut through a video, insert a picture, and join it seamlessly with the rest of the video?

Well, a powerful tool as it is, iMovie allows to perform all the above mentioned actions, and much more! Joining in pictures along with your favorite audio, you can create a movie of your own. Here we will let you in on how to insert photo into video, and join it with flawlessly with the rest of the clip.

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Let’s get started! You would need to have the video clip on the Camera Roll of your iPhone or your iPad where you would be making the iMovie, and you need to have the relevant pictures in the same Camera Roll.

How to Insert Photo into Video the Easy Way

Step 1: Open the iMovie App, tap ~ez_lsquo+ez_rsquo~ to create a new Project.



Step 2: Select a theme, and tap on ‘Create a Movie’.


Step 3: Select the relevant video clip from the Videos Library. Tap the down arrow to get it to your timeline.


D5Step 4: Play the video and select the part you want to insert photo into video.


Step 5: To select a portion of the video, let the horizontal line cross the exact seconds when you want the video cut, pause and tap on ‘Split’. Do this both for the beginning and the end of the section in which you want to fit in the picture.

D7 D8

Step 6: Now go to the media library, go to the Photos, and select the appropriate photo(s) that you want to fit in the cut section of the video.


Step 7: Once you have the photo(s) in your timeline, drag to place it before the section which you want to replace.


Step 8: Play the video from the start, you can see the audio suddenly stops when the picture appears, and restarts after the picture frame crosses over.

Step 9: Tap to select the section of the video you had split to replace with the picture. Tap ‘Audio’ on the bottom left of the timeline. Then tap on ‘Detach’ on the bottom right.


Step 10: This separates the audio out and mutes the video clip.


Step 11: Drag the audio section from the video to the picture frame, and try to fit it in accurately. In case needed, you can pinch and stretch the picture frame to coincide with the audio. Try to match up the number of seconds in the audio clip to the number of seconds for which the picture frame runs. You can also use two or more relevant pictures for the audio.


Step 12: Play the video from the start and check if the picture and the audio fit in well in the clip.

Step 13: Once you are happy with the work, you can go ahead and delete the original section that you had split to replace.

Step 14: You can see the picture has a tendency to zoom in and move during movie. To avoid the lyrics from going out of sight, tap the picture frame, above the timeline you can see ‘Pinch to position the start’. Pinch and drag the picture (above the timeline) to set it straight.


Step 15: Do the same for the end of the picture frame.


Step 16: Play and Pause and keep tweaking till you can satisfactorily make a perfect video that’s got pictures blended in it!

You can follow the same procedure to sync in videos and photos from a trip together. You can add in music to make the movie livelier. Make a lyrical video, or make a smart movie clip with added elements of surprise. iMovie empowers you, and makes you the creator of awesome video pieces, that you thought only experts can produce!

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