Install New Custom iPhone Themes with Winterboard Jailbreak Tweak

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With a particularly similar layout, styling and theme, Apple’s iOS offers a standardized version of how their iDevices look like. The limitation that you cannot install custom iPhone themes, styles or even icons on your iDevices including iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch is disappointing. When Apple refuses to provide users with additional functionalities which they demand, we have jailbreak developers with there every day growing marketplace of apps and tweaks. With jailbreak tweaks you can not only install custome iPhone themes but you can also change fonts on your iPhone, customize the looks of your iPhone completely, hide apps from your springboard and many more functionalities.

WinterBoard is another such popular utility for iDevices, which brings customized theme experience to your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Apart from giving you ability to add new custom iPhone themes, it also provides you customization capabilities like changing icons, dock, status bar settings and much more. Aiming particularly at bringing a variety of themes to iOS users, WinterBoard has gained a lot of popularity in the recent few years, which keeps on growing exponentially. In this way, it gives a brand new graphical interface to your iDevice, just the thing you need at times to get some days off the default iOS inteface. Here’s how to get WinterBoard and start installing themes on your iDevice.

Get Custom iPhone Themes With WinterBoard Jailbreak Tweak

NOTE: WinterBoard is a jailbreak tweak and requires a jailbroken iDevice. You can follow our tutorial below on how to jailbreak your device. Please note that jailbreaking will void your devices manufacturers warranty and disable it from receiving OTA updates from Apple.

Step 1: Navigate to native Cydia app on your iDevice, and tap the Search button to search for WinterBoard tweak, The tweak is available for free, however you might have to pay for the Themes you choose to install.


Step 2: Once you have installed WinterBoard on your iDevice, you can close Cydia and navigate to the WinterBoard app installed on your device’s springboard. Tap it to launch it.

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Step 3: Once you tap the Select Themes button, you can select from the themes you downloaded. To download themes, simply note the name, and search for it in Cydia app. There are thousands of themes available, so we are just going to give you example of Circulus theme we downloaded.

5-23-2014 11-13-15 AM

Step 4: You can see Circulus theme in the screenshot below. The theme should be active on your device once your device resprings after selecting a theme from Winterboard.



That’s it. Now change your iDevice theme everyday, and choose from a plethora of themes in the Cydia app market.

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