How to install Viber on PC without smartphone

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Viber is a great app to use for being connected to friends and family. With Viber, you can make calls, send text messages, audio, and video files over smartphones/tablets and even through your PC.

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If you have a smartphone already then there is an easier way to install Viber on your PC and you can navigate to our How to Install Viber on PC guide. At this stage you might also want to check out how to spy on someone else’s viber from a remote PC while staying completely untraceable.

But one of the difficulties is that you need a smartphone to activate the Viber Application on your PC.

Viber 5

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Here we show you a technique that would show you how to install Viber on PC even if you don’t possess any smartphone. Follow the steps and learn how to Install Viber on PC without Smartphone.


  • A Google account.
  • A valid phone number.
  • An Android Virtual Machine (We have used BlueStacks in this case, you could use AndroVM too)

Step 1: Install BlueStacks. Go to and download the file for your PC or Mac.


Step 2: Install the file.



Step 3: Once the file is installed successfully, search for ‘Viber’ in the search box.



Step 4: Select the result that shows ‘Viber: Free Messages and Calls’.



Step 5: When you get a pop-up, install Viber from under the Google Play icon.



Step 6: Once Viber is installed, activate it using a valid phone number. You would get an Activation Code on the number you registered. Make sure you have it with you.



Step 7: Now, install Viber for your PC as you would normally do. Go to, and ‘Get Viber’ for Windows, Mac or Linux.

Viber 1


Step 8: Accept and Install the .exe file. When asked for do you have Viber installed on your Mobile Phone, click to ‘Yes’.

Viber 4


Step 9: Enter the same number as you had registered on the Virtual Machine. Click to ‘Continue’.

Viber 6


Step 10: Enter the Activation Code you had received on your regular phone.

Viber 7


Step 11: ‘Enter Viber’ and start using it on your PC to stay connected!

Viber 8

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