How To Install WhatsApp On PC Without Smartphone

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Often we land up in a situation when we have to work on our laptops or desktop computers for hours, and in such busy scenarios it becomes difficult to use WhatsApp on your smartphone, while working on your PC. How about integrating both of them? That’s right, we are talking about bringing WhatsApp Messenger right onto your desktop computers. In other cases, if you don’t have a smartphone yet, but wish to use WhatsApp Messenger, you can actually install the application on your PC and start using its services. The only requirement is that you need to have a working SIM card on any device whatsoever, not necessarily a smartphone too, to make use of the tutorial which is going to follow. The benefits are endless, from being able to use WhatsApp without having a smartphone, to using the application on your computer along with working on it. Simply follow the tutorial below to get going.

How To Install WhatsApp On PC Without Smartphone

We are going to use an Android emulator for this tutorial that goes by the name of YouWave. The emulator is available as a free trial for 10 days, however, after which you can simply purchase a license for $19.99 USD, or do it SwapMyApp’s way, simply change the time and date of your system to the date of installing trial version of YouWave on your system, and reap its benefits. However, don’t forget to correct the time and date again after using the app in order to be able to use internet on your system. Follow the steps below to install WhatsApp on PC without smartphone.

  • First of all, as we mentioned earlier, ensure that you have a working SIM card in any device with ability to received SMS messages. The SIM will be used to receive confirmation code as well as to register a WhatsApp account under your name.
  • Next, navigate to official website of YouWave, or click here to download or purchase YouWave for your computer.

  • Install and launch YouWave on your system, and wait for the application to load its preferences on your system. It may take some time depending on your PC’s configuration. You should see a screen similar to the one below.

whatsapp on pc


whatsapp on pc

  • Once you see the Android home screen, navigate to the View option pre added in the emulator to find WhatsApp Messenger in the Google Play Store. Click on it to install the app. You may have to log in to your Google account at this moment to proceed.

8-17-2014 10-31-55 PM

  • The app will be installed in the emulator and you can see it on the emulator screen. Launch it by clicking on it, and enter the SIM card number running on any device you have, not specifically a smartphone.

8-17-2014 10-41-31 PM


8-17-2014 10-45-17 PM

  • Enter the code received on your phone running the SIM card onto the computer screen to validate WhatsApp account on your computer.

8-17-2014 10-45-56 PM

That’s it. Now you can instantly use the application on your computer, or laptop without even having the need of any smartphone. Never miss a single how-to at SwapMyApp, follow us on Facebook and Twitter and keep subscribed to our newsletters (We promise, we’ll never spam your inbox).

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