How To Lock Specific Apps on iPhone

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At times people tend to ask for your phone, and no matter how much you wish to refuse, you have to hand over your smartphone, or lets call it your personal data storage in hands of some third person. Well, for such instances, its best to keep the apps containing your personal information locked with a passcode, so that no matter who has your phone, they cannot explore it to a level you don’t want them to. Seems like the jailbreak community already understands the needs and requirements of iOS users well, and here we are, with another amazing jailbreak tweak that lets you lock specific apps on iPhone, preferably, Mail, Messages, Photos, WhatsApp or any other app you want to lock.

A tweak that goes by the name PanicLock, is the perfect solution for your iOS powered device, and as the name suggests prevents the panic situation when somebody tried to breach your privacy. Now, lock any app instantly with this tweak. We will talk about the features in the later part of this post, and here’s how you can get the tweak right now.

How To Lock specific Apps on iPhone

NOTE: The tweak requires you to have a jailbroken iDevice. In case you haven’t jailbroken your iPhone, you can follow our easy step by step tutorial below. Make sure you take a complete backup of your iPhone before proceeding any further.

Step 1: On your jailbroken iPhone, navigate to the springboard, and launch the Cydia app there. Cydia app gets pre installed on your device once you jailbreak it.

Step 2: On the lower navigation menu, tap the Search button to search for PanicLock jailbreak tweak. Tap the Install button to install the tweak instantly. Once done, tap the Return To Cydia button to exit Cydia.

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PanicLock is available under the BigBoss repo for free and is compatible with iOS 7 too.

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Step 3: To configure the settings, navigate to Settings->PanicLockprefs to access a page similar to the one below.


By default, PanicLock asks for an activation method initially which will also be used to unlock them. Here, select the Activation method, which can be swiping from left to right, from top to bottom, double tap on home button, volume rocker buttons, or even the power button combination. Whenever you will use that particular activation method, the tweak will automatically lock selected apps on your device springboard.

Step 4: To unlock the apps, enter that activation method again anywhere on the device screen to unlock all apps at once. Once you decide the activation method, you can select specific apps too, as shown below.

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The tweak is definitely a must have in case you want to prevent others from accessing your private information on your device. Unlike other apps, PanicLock doesnt add custom passcode lock, instead it locks all apps using an activation method, and similarly unlocks the apps using same method. Now never let anybody get the insight of your iPhone, with PanicLock jailbreak tweak.

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