How to Make a Movie Trailer on iMovie [Easiest Way]

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Movie trailers are the first-hand experience of the grandiose of a movie. What can the audience expect? Who all are in the big budget star cast? What is the drama and the action in the movie? All the offerings of the upcoming film are portrayed in a matter of seconds.

Creating a professional movie trailer is neither expensive, nor complex! At least not when you use a friendly gadget like the iPad or the iPhone and the best movie making app, ‘The iMovie’!

Choose a template that best suits the genre of your movie, create video clips as per the demand of the template, and that’s pretty much all you need to know about how to make a movie trailer on iMovie!

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Although the process is quite self-explanatory, and all it needs is just a few taps here and there, we are here to guide through all the nitty-gritties of how to make a movie trailer on iMovie.

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Starting off With How to Make a Movie Trailer on iMovie

Step 1: Create a new Project by taping on the ‘+’ sign.


Step 2: Create a ‘Trailer’.


Step 3: Select the best template that goes with the genre of your movie. You can tap on any one of them, and hit play, to look at the overview of what your movie might look like using this.


Step 4: Once you choose the template hit ‘Create Trailer’.


Step 5: You can see the Outline and the Storyboard appear. In the Outline you have the choice of editing the Name, Cast, Studio and Credits. In the Storyboard, you need to edit the clips to create the trailer.


Step 6: In the Outline section, tap on each of the Movie Name, Star etc., and you can type in your own version. For Studio, you can choose the template that suits the mood of the film. There are 5 studio templates to choose from. Add in the credits and you are done with the basic outline!

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Step 7: On the storyboard, each frame is of a defined length, to fit in the trailer aptly without overdoing anything. The best part of this app is you need not shoot each frame keeping the precise seconds in mind. It will do that for you!

To edit the texts, tap and write in.


Step 8: Tapping on each frame would take you to the media library. You can choose from Videos and Photos. Just Audios don’t usually work for a trailer. So for this, iMovie gives the additional option of Camera, for you to shoot the clip right away!


Step 9: If you have video clips in the media library, tap on the precise part of the movie that you want to show in the trailer. It automatically breaks the clip into the required seconds, as per that particular frame. All you need to do is tap the arrow and it finds its way to the apt section.


Step 10: Once you have selected the clip, tap on it to edit the shot. Adjust the start and end of the clip by dragging and positioning it. You can also pinch the clip to zoom it. Play and check if it looks okay.


Step 11: Do the same for all the frames required by the template.


Step 12: At any point tap ‘?’ if you need any help with the icon usages.


Step 13: Play the video on the right side of the timeline, and keep fine-tuning till you are pleased with your work!


Step 14: Tap on ‘<’ to save it to the Projects. You can play, save, delete or edit it anytime you want.



Step 15: The project can be saved and shared as per the share sheet in 360p, 540p, 720p and in 1080p formats.

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The elements you found in great trailers, you would be awed to find them all in your very own design. iMovie allows you to create the entire movie, from its inception to its end. It’s not for nothing, that the app has been rated as one of a kind in the market for easy to use interface and simple structure, but the high end effects are more than fabulous!

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