How to Make a Movie with iMovie on your iPhone

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‘iMovie’ lets you create stories. Easy to use, simple interface, and a wonderful outcome of HD videos and Hollywood style trailers. Converting pictures into seamless videos with themes and music, this native app by Apple, is a utility kit that can’t go amiss.

Here’s a complete guide to let you know how to make a movie with iMovie App. There are multiple features and tricks to create a perfect movie. Follow the instructions and produce your own movie in no time at all!

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Step by Step Guide on How to Make a Movie with iMovie

Step 1: Download the iMovie App from the App Store. The app is of 605 MB and you should preferably be in a wifi zone and your iPhone should be sufficiently charged before you begin the download.

Step 2: You can create your own ‘Projects’ or watch and edit the shared projects over iCloud in ‘Theater’.

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Step 3: You can tap on ‘?’ at any point of time for a comprehensive help.


Step 4: Tap on ‘Projects’ and then tap on the ~ez_lsquo+ez_rsquo~ sign to start a new movie or trailer.


Step 5: You can then choose to create a ‘Movie’ or a ‘Trailer’.


Step 6: An interesting overview, with short videos guides you through the different themes that you can use in your how to make a movie with iMovie project. Once you watch them and make up your mind, tap on ‘Create Movie’.


Step 7: You can choose from the existing media library, or record live and then create a movie. Choose the buttons accordingly.


Step 8: Select the Videos or Photos and they’ll gather at the bottom of the page for you to edit.


Step 9: You can toggle the order of the pictures as per the need of the video. Select the picture and drag it to the specified place, to change the order.

Step 10: Select the ‘Theme Music’ and tap on the arrow sign to use it for your video.

How to Make a Movie with iMovie on your iPhone

Step 11: You can also change the transition of the next frame. Tap the button in between the two frames. This will open up a range of transitions for you to select from. You can make the next frame come from the right or from the left, from the bottom or from above. The transition buttons are self-explanatory.


Step 12: You can also change the transition time between the frames. Increase or decrease the time from one frame to the other.


Step 13: To add a ‘Title’ for the picture, or to ‘Duplicate’ it, tap on the picture frame. To add a title, tap the icon on the bottom right.


Step 14: Add the text. Select when and where the text should arrive, at the Opening, in the Middle or at Closing.


Step 15: Tapping on the ‘T’ on the bottom right will let you change the theme from within the video, but only for that particular frame.


Step 16: You can also record an audio during the movie making. Tap on the microphone icon on the bottom right of the page, and hit ‘Record’.


Step 17: Tap on the play icon, and review if your movie needs more editing.


Step 18: Once you are satisfied with your creation, tap the ‘<’ on the top left of the page.

Step 19: Save and share the movie wherever you want, as per the Share sheet.


Step 20: There are 4 options to save your movie, even at a 1080p HD format!


You movie is now ready. Watch it proudly with your friends and family and get applauded for your skills on how to make a movie with iMovie skills.

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