How To Make FaceTime Calls In UAE Easily

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In case you are a resident in UAE, there’s no reason you won’t be infuriated considering the regulations by TRA, thus prohibiting use of FaceTime service introduced by Apple in its iDevices and Mac systems. While the internet providers will block access to FaceTime servers as soon as you try using it, we have just the right tutorial for our UAE readers at SwapMyApp which will let you use Facetime service on your iPhone or any other iDevice the way it should be used. However, please note that you will require a jailbroken iDevice before proceeding. A stable jailbreak is available for iOS 7.0.6 as of now, however we are hopeful that a working jailbreak will be out for iOS 7.1 and beyond in some time. Simply follow the tutorial below to start using Facetime on your iDevice instantly.

How To Make FaceTime Calls In UAE Easily

NOTE: You will require a jailbroken iDevice before proceeding. In case you have not jailbroken your iDevice running on iOS 7 as of now, you can follow our step by step tutorial below. However, make sure you backup your device before proceeding just in case something goes wrong.

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Step 1: On your jailbroken iDevice, navigate to the Cydia app on your device’s springboard, and wait for it to load up. Once done, tap the Manage tab, then Sources, and tap on Edit button and then +/Add button to add the following repository.

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Step 2: Once the repo loads up, search for Facetime Hacktivator tweak and tap the Install button on top right corner to install the tweak. Tap on Return To Cydia option when available.

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Step 3: Now, you will require a VPN service like VyprVPN to change the IP address to some other country apart from the one in UAE. For a better understanding, you can refer to our VyprVPN review here.



In short, you need to download the VyperVPN app from your favorite app store. The app is available in iTunes App Store for iOS, as well as Google Play store. Simply search for the app and installing it shouldn’t be a problem. To get connected to a foreign network, select a particular country from the drop-down, and tap on Connect to get started with it. You can sit back, and leave the rest on the app as far as connecting to a VPN network is concerned.

Step 4: Once you connect the VPN pointing to a different country, you can navigate to any contact from your contact list on your iDevice, and tap on the Facetime button next to it to start a FaceTime call. There might not be a dedicated Facetime app available to you, so you can use the contacts option directly.

This is the best way for UAE residents to continue using Facetime services easily. Never miss a single how-to at SwapMyApp, follow us on Facebook and Twitter and keep subscribed to our newsletters (We promise, we’ll never spam your inbox)

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