Simple Tricks to Optimize Battery Usage of iPhone

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Irrespective of whichever smartphone we carry, battery backup is a common problem for all of us. However, most of the times we face such issues because we don’t care to manage the battery on our smartphones. For instance, there are many applications which keep on refreshing the information of our location in background which is never useful to us but most of us don’t even know about it. Similarly there are many other features which can be controlled to increase the battery backup of your iPhone. In this article

we will provide you with certain tips which will help you to optimize battery usage of iPhone.

How to Optimize the Battery Usage of iPhone

You can check the amount of battery being used by the applications installed on the device. You can check that by going to ‘Settings>General>Usage>Battery’. Check the screenshots mentioned below and on the basis of that uninstall few application which will definitely improve

the battery backup.

Always keep an eye over the battery backup available on your iPhone. Hence, it will be great if you turn on the feature of seeing the battery percentage and be take the required measures to save the battery in case it is depleting at a quicker rate.


Now let us take a look at the measures that can be taken in case you want to save your battery while using your device normally.

The first one will be to put your iPhone in the airplane mode in case the device is already really low on battery and you want to save some of it in case of emergency. Moreover, if you have are available in a location where the signals really weak, then it is better to put your iPhone in airplane mode because every time when your iPhone does into searching mode and searches of the signal, then it uses good amount of



Another feature which your iPhone has is the background refresh of the information required by some of the applications. Most of the times, these applications use internet and sometimes they use the location based information from your iPhone which again required consistent battery depletion as long as your iPhone is switched ON. You can turn that feature OFF, by going to Settings>General>Background App


Try to keep your phone away from hot temperature conditions, make sure that it does not get heated up and for the same reason never use your phone which it is getting charged. It reduces the battery life of your device.

There are some applications which use your location services like Google Maps or Shazam or Twitter (if you have provided the location permission to it). Sometimes, even if you come out of those application they keep your location service ON, in such case kill them manually, by double tapping the home button and then swiping that particular upwards.
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