How to Quick Reply to Text Messages in iOS 7 with Auki Jailbreak Tweak

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Are you one of those iPhone users who find it troublesome to launch the Messages application first and then replying to your messages? Imagine how convenient it would be to quick reply to text messages in iOS 7 right from your lock screen. While the functionality has yet not been added to the native iOS by Apple, we have a really useful jailbreak tweak for you which would make your task much easier.

Auki – Helps Your Reply to Messages from Lock Screen on iOS

Auki is the new jailbreak tweak which was first announced at JailbreakCon 2014, a conference for all iOS jailbreak developers where upcoming tweaks and apps are showcased. With a clutter free design, and neat interface, Auki takes quick reply to text messages in iOS 7 and quick composition to another level with stealth mode and silent mode in hand. Developed by Surenix and Benno, Auki integrates features stealth and silent mode with the default Messages application on your iPhone. For instance, simply swipe from right to left on a message like you delete it, and enable silent mode to mute a threat particularly. This enables you to silent a particular group of messages while keeping other messages intact.

While stealth mode when enabled lets you type, without the other person getting to know that you are actually typing. i.e, it disables now typing notification for iMessages, hence the other person never gets to know if you are actually typing a message. Being a complete Message app replacement tweak, Auki has succeeded in pleasing iOS users with its neat and well functioned elements. Here’s how to get Auki on your iPhone.

Quick Reply To Messages Brought To iPhone By Auki Jailbreak Tweak

Step 1: Navigate to Cydia application on your iPhone, and then tap on the Search button to look out for Auki jailbreak tweak. The tweak is available for $3.99 USD, under the BigBoss repository, however, you can download the tweak for free by following our tutorial below.


Step 2: Once you purchase/install Auki on your iPhone, simply navigate to Settings->Auki to configure its settings and preferences. Apart from quick reply and quick compose, Auki offers a plethora of functionalities like smart iMessage detection, stealth mode, silent mode, custom activations, contact pictures, group messages and many more such utilities.


Once you install the tweak, you can start using Auki by simply enabling it from the Settings app on your iPhone. Auki is probably one of the finest quick reply tweaks we have come across, and totally worth the price. Once installed, it will add a quick reply popup box like the one seen in the screenshot below on your iPhone.


For more cool tricks on your iPhone do stay tuned to our how to section.

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