How To Remote Control Your PC with Your Phone with Gmote Android App!

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Gmote 2.0 is an Android app developed by Marc Stogaitis and Mimi Sun that virtually converts your Android based handset into a media remote for your computer. Excited? Well, you should be! It is incredibly easy to set up and is a godsend of sorts for all lazy bones who wish to control the media on your laptop/desktop using just your smart phone. The app can not only play music and movies on your computer but do so much more. Firstly, you could control PowerPoint presentations using your phone. So you need not download any PowerPoint remote control separately. Secondly you could also use the touchpad/keypad of your phone to navigate through and type on your computer. Thus it is a complete solution package for those of you who want to control your PC with your phone.

Setting Up:
1. Download Gmote 2.0 from Play Store onto your Android handset. (Android 1.5 and up)
2. Download Gmote Server onto your computer. (Compatible with Windows XP SP2 and higher, Mac OSX 10.4 and higher, and Linux)
3. Open Gmote 2.0 on your phone and connect it with the required server.
And voila! You’re done.

Screenshot of Gmote remote

The remote control and added features like touchpad and web browser.

What all can you do?
 Play music and movies on your computer using your phone as the remote. (Replete with play, pause, next, previous, volume up, volume down, and mute options)
 Set up media paths for easy access
 Stream music/videos from your computer to your phone (beta version)(only files supported by your device, obviously)
 Access websites on your computer/phone
 Replace the touchpad of your phone. This article was typed (almost entirely) using the Gmote keypad.
 PowerPoint support
 Image Slideshows

Screenshot of Gmote

Add media paths so it becomes convenient to locate music, videos and images on your hard disk

Screenshot of Gmote web browser

Browse websites on your phone or computer

• 3G support. You won’t require a wireless router compulsorily.
• Ads can be disabled for free
• Right edge scroll which adds utility to the touchpad
• An option to shuffle songs.
• Supposedly, Bluetooth support is in the pipeline

• You cannot control any file that is already playing on your computer. Same goes for your web browser.
• It’s a little difficult to get used to the touchpad respose.
• Autocorrect/predictive text isn’t supported on the keypad. Neither is Voice input.
• You are most likely going to have to disable firewall for a hassle free set up.
• Dull User Interface (But the amazing functionality more than makes up for it)

The app makes it very convenient for you to use your computer at a considerable distance. So far I haven’t experienced any crash issues or lag problems (except for a little trouble with the touchpad, but that’s just the beta version.) One can also get rid of the pesky ads.

Gmote is available on android (Download link below).

If you are one of those who constantly try to find shortcuts and make life simpler, here is one of the best apps to help you out. Go ahead, control your PC with your phone with this cool app and do let us know how you found the experience.

Download from Google Play

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One of those ideal lazy-man apps that won't disappoint! Helps you to control your PC from your phone in several ways.


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