How To Clean Your iPhone Data Remotely from your Home PC

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Apple’s iPhone has become an integral part of our personal, as well as business life these days. In case you are an iPhone user for long, we are sure you would have been using your smartphone for a plethora of business oriented purposes, like exchanging important files, emails and business details. However, the world we are living in is not really efficient to provide ample security and confidentiality to personal details these days. Imagine if your iPhone gets stolen, all your personal information can be compromised and it becomes imperative that you have the provision to clean your iPhone data remotely.

While there are ways you can
track your stolen iPhone as soon as the sim card is changed or you may choose to have spy software installed on your iPhone like mSpy or SpyEra to track the activities on your stolen iPhone, your data is well and truly at stake. Therefore if you have a jailbroken iPhone we suggest you to implement our two key password protection to ensure the safety of your phone for the time required to clean your iPhone data remotely.

Remotely Clean Your iPhone Data for Lost and Stolen iPhones

The best part about this tutorial is that you don’t even require a jailbroken iPhone to clear your iPhone’s memory once it gets stolen. The functionality has been added by none other than Apple to your iPhone, however very few people are aware of it. However, this tutorial has a pre-requisite that your iPhone should be running on iOS 6 or later, and should have Find My iPhone enabled.

Step 1: First step is to enable Find My iPhone on your iPhone. This is a pre-requisite, and its always safe to keep this feature on for future use. If you haven’t done so, you can do it by navigating to Settings->Find My iPhone->ON .

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Step 2: Once you have enabled Find My iPhone on your iPhone, simply navigate to the official iCloud website or click here.

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Step 3: Log in to your iCloud account from your Desktop, Mac or any other system, and wait for the interface to load on your web browser.

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Step 4: Once the interface loads up, navigate to Find My iPhone app available on your browser screen in the iCloud dashboard. This is the online client for the app which you enabled on your iPhone in step 1. The app should take a little time to load. You might be asked to enter your iCloud password once again. Simply enter it and press go.

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Step 5: Click on All Devices option from top of the screen on your web browser, and select your iPhone from the drop down list.

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Step 6: A popup box should appear on the right side of your screen containing options to Play Sound, Lost Mode, and Erase iPhone. Simply select the Erase iPhone option. You can also lock your iPhone permanently by clicking on Lost Mode here.

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Step 7: You will be asked to confirm your action. Click on Erase button to continue.

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That’s it. Your iPhone will be wiped out within seconds, and no personal data can be recovered from that stolen iPhone ever in future.

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