How to run two BBM accounts on your Android

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Considering the Facebook’s $19 billion Whatsapp swoop, everyone is looking for an alternative messenger and BBM is turning out to be a beast among it’s other rivals as a secondary messenger. As of October, BlackBerry had reported more than 80 million monthly active users and numbers still growing substantially.

Moving onto functionality and features, BBM developers are trying everything to attract the mass, but what they forgot is to allow users to run multiple BBM pins on their Android. This might be due to well defined protocols set up by BBM developers, but majority of us are in need of running multiple BBM accounts. Earlier it seemed to be an impossible task to run two BBM accounts but some active developers are always here to make everything possible. Without blabbering on and on, let’s head over to the complete procedure for running two BBM pins on your Android:

Before we begin, you need:

  • An Android device running on version 4.0 and up.
  • BBM3 (Dual BBM) app running on your Android device (Follow the download button provided below). As this app is not available on Play Store, install this app the same way you install apk’s.

Make sure you don’t uninstall the official BBM app. BBM3 is not a standalone app. It needs the official BBM app to run.

BBM3 will not work on ARMv6 devices.

Dowload apk from XDA

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How this will work:

  • Done with installing the BBM3 app? If yes, follow the instructions.
  • You’ll be seeing two BBM icons on your app drawer, the official BBM icon will work for your primary account and the BBM3 icon will work for your secondary account.
How to run two BBM accounts on your Android

Two BBM icons on my Homescreen

  • Now, open the BBM3 app and sign in with account you wish to be your secondary account.
  • After completing the setup, you are all set to run two BBM accounts on your Android.
  • Both the apps will have different message notifications, switch to any account whenever and wherever you want.
My two BBM accounts running simultaneously

My two BBM accounts running simultaneously

I tried testing the app by sending message from my primary account to secondary, as expected it’s not working. So enjoy sending BBM requests and messages from both the accounts to different Android. You’ll certainly feel the heat enjoying two BBMs on single device.

From my point of view, BBM3 is one of the best apps for users trying to make most of their Android device. What do you think? Do let us know your reaction through comment section. If you wish to thanks the developer of this amazing app, head over to his XDA thread.

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