How To Save All Your SnapChat Conversations With SnapChat Log

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We have been focusing much on the private one-time messaging application, SnapChat recently on SwapMyApp. While we are pretty impressed with the application, and the response it has been receiving from users worldwide, many people have requested us to present a way by which they can save SnapChat conversations on their iPhones, of course without the other person knowing anything about it. For those who don’t know, SnapChat lets you send text, photo or video messages of pre-defined length to friends. The best part about these media items is that they get destroyed automatically after a specific time duration. Anyway, lets move back to the tutorial part. Here’s how you can save all your SnapChat conversations with SnapChat Log Cydia tweak on your iPhone.

How To Save All Your SnapChat Conversations With SnapChat Log

NOTE: Please make a note that you will require a jailbroken iPhone before proceeding with the tutorial below. In case you are using iOS 7.0.6 or below, you can refer to the tutorial here to jailbreak your iPhone. For users stuck on iOS 7.1.1 or above, you can follow our tutorial here to jailbreak your device. Make sure you take complete backup of your iPhone before proceeding.

  • Launch Cydia application from your iPhones springboard, and navigate to the search button from lower navigation menu. There, search for SnapChat Log tweak.

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The tweak is available under the BigBoss repository for free of cost. Simply tap the Install button on top right corner to install this tweak.

  • Once installed, the tweak automatically integrates itself with the native SnapChat application installed on your iPhone. You don’t require any configuration whatsoever.

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  • To view SnapChat Logs, simply tap on the Settings gear icon on top right corner of the SnapChat screen, and you will be provided with an option to either select Settings, or SnapChat Log.

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  • Simply tap on the SnapChat Log button to view all your conversations that ever took place through the SnapChat app on your iPhone.7-10-2014 9-41-18 PM
  • The conversations are presented in text format, and can be shared via email from there-within.
  • To clear the SnapChat logs, simply tap on Settings, and navigate to the bottom of the page. There, tap on the Clear SnapChat Log button.7-10-2014 9-41-34 PM

This way, you will always have proof for any SnapChat conversation that ever takes place on your iPhone. Now, in case you require the conversation in future, simply tap on Settings, and access the records instantly.

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